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Shambala Directions

Shambala Oceanside Retreat is located in Bondalem, on the north shore of Bali. Since there is no address system in this part of Bali, it would be best to call our manager for pickup. However if you wish you can use our directions below. OR you can go to our TRAVEL Page and from there you can dowload and print out our Download PDF for DIRECTIONS.


(SHAMBALA Oceanside Retreat Center)
Pantai Bondalem
Desun Jro Kuta
Bondalem, Tejakula 81173
District of Buleleng
Bali Indonesia


For your convienience we have installed this orange sign along the way to Shambala. You will start seeing this sign once you are past the volcanoe town of Kintamani.

Shambala Sign

  • Take the road all the way to Kintamani, the volcano town. You have a great view of Lake Batur and Mt Agung from here
  • Please look for this sign at the cross roads, about a few km past the town of Kintamani.
  • About 5 miles after passing Kintamani you will come to a large statue in the middle of a Y in the road.
  • STAY RIGHT at that Y, where you see the Statue.
  • Go about another 8-10 miles until you see a sign toward Bondalem.
  • Also look for our orange Shambala sign!
  • You will come to a curve, where the mail road will make a left bend, down the hill, about 200 yards/meters after the Shambala sign.

The main road will make a left bend and it looks like the main road. The sharp left turn will go down the hill, but don't go that way. IF you did, it would take you about 1/2 hour or more out of the way!!!

  • GO STRAIGHT or slightly to the right instead Followling the sign to BONDALEM.... (do not take the left bend)
  • Once you cross that road, you will be on a smaller road, which lead up a hill bending to your left.
  • go for about 1 mile.
  • You will come to the top of the hill. You have reached the crest.
  • From there the road will start going down hill toward the ocean.
  • After about 10 miles you will reach a T in the road at the bottom of the mountain.
  • Look for our orange sign here as well.
  • Turn left at that T

At this point, PLEASE call Shambala at:

From an International Cellphione call: Tel: +62-81-338-67-48-95

From a local Cell-Phone call: 0 81-338-67-48-95

  • After your left turn at the T drive for another few miles, until you arrive in BONDALEM
  • Watch for a flashing yellow light (that is NOT always on!!!!) It is the center of town in Bondalem.
  • Look for our orange Shambala sign.
  • Turn right at that intersection.
  • After about one mile you will see two yellow flags on the left side. You can already see the ocean from there.

Park your car on the side of the road. Our team will then await you by the streetside enterance of Shambala for your luggage pick up.

Welcome to Shambala!