Why we got started!

Maybe you have already experienced the magical talent of the Balinese who know things in advance, who feel your thoughts, look straight into your heart, and who know the right timing.

During a magical moment in October of 1999 on my second journey through Bali, I, Ilona Selke, met a very old seer in Ubud, maybe 115 years old, who gave me a reading. In a puzzled way he told me that we are neighbors. He had no idea what that meant, if it was the future, the past, or now. I had no idea if my seer was good or not, there was no way to tell. Time only would tell. But one thing was for sure: I had no intentions to live in Bali, as my husband and I had our winter home in Hawaii and we were very happy there. A friend of mine who had accompanied me to the Seer also got a reading from him. His reading was immediately verifiable and I at least we knew that he was a good seer

Fast forward to Spring of 2005

Don Paris, my husband, and I were teaching a seminar on the North Shore of Bali, in a neighboring retreat center. We already had flight tickets booked to go to India after teaching our seminar in Bali, because we wanted to look for land in India and possibly even buy into a retreat Center there. In Hawaii I had held dreams and hopes to one day, when we were old and wise, to open a sort of Ashram for spiritual studies, one in which a body of multiple masterful teachers were able to attend to and teach residents meditators who wished to sincerely deepen their spiritual abilities.

In the middle of the seminar in Spring 2005 our German friend, who was now heading the retreat center where we were teaching, invited us to take a look at a home for sale, right on the ocean in Bondalem. It took Don and I one minute to decide that this was the house for us.

This is how we originally purchased the beautiful villa right next to Shambala, with the thought in mind that we would be quite happy to live here in Bali for only months at a time, and shuttling between here, our island home in the US, and Hawaii.

But again, there were other plans in the air. We had Balinese and Westerners tell us that they saw us running a retreat center. Again and again we were told of visions, and were given ideas, of what was to come. All the while we had no intention of following any of them. We had enough going on in our lives and we didn't need any more work.

After a series of unusual coincidences however, we bought first one small piece of land right on the ocean, and a year later the larger piece of land that is now the home to Shambala Oceanside Retreat. You can still see the signs of our beginnings, as the wall between the ocean side and the garden piece of Shambala reflects the original boundary of the first piece of land we bought. The beautiful PURI, the archway with the many Temple carvings, is now the majestic gateway that leads from the Meditation Temple to the ocean.

We built the octagon villas and single story octagon bungalows, because both of us always wanted to live in round houses. We were blessed with our builder, Gede Partajana, who meditated always on his designs before he drew them on paper, who was inspired from a higher source within, and who wanted to not only build, but create a piece of art.

With the same quality and beauty as he had rebuilt our own Bali home, he now build Shambala. A group of 6 women and 40 men worked one and a half years to create Shambala. The women became dear to our hearts, as they were carrying every stone, every grain of sand on their heads from the road, along a pathway to Shambala. We don't have a street that allows cars or trucks to come close to our lands. The women loved their work, they were thankful to be working, and they blessed every stone, every tile with the energy form their crown chakras as they carried the baskets from the road to Shambala on their heads.

Don and I were moved to tears watching them work diligently, BUT happy that they loved their work. May a times we all talked together in joy and gratitude for one another.

Ilona decorated the villas with hand carved furnitures and hand carved doors, stonework and statues, adorned the beds and chairs with silken fabric and the walls with beaded work of arts from our trips to India.

It is a joy to sit in the midst of a 'Dream Come True' and offer it to you. This is a dream that we held dear in our souls, but didn't ever think it would happen in Bali.

Bali is truly a place where Heaven and Earth meet. The many daily prayers of all the Balinese help make Bali magical, and little did we know, that our thoughts and dreams would be manifest here, in the land where thoughts are quickly made visible.

Fast forward again to Spring of 2008, I, Ilona Selke, was getting a massage in Ubud at a SPA, when my therapist told me, that I will have a SPA in UBUd, and that I will be his boss.

I laughed, as we were just building a Retreat Center on the North Shore of Bali and really didn't need any more work.

Lo and behold! Nine months later my husband Don Paris and I found ourselves opening a SPA in Ubud. We wanted to give the clients a feeling for the beauty of our Shambala Retreat Center up North, so that travelers from Ubud would come to Bondalem, a place that was not well known yet.

We also wanted to offer great treatments to Bali travelers; treatments that heal, treatments that are of another kind, that attend to the finer vibrations of your body, mind and soul. We wanted to offer healing, as well as a great place of respect, honoring the spiritual essence in the clients as well as the therapist.

We wanted to offer greater wages to amazingly talented therapist and offer a unique SPA experience to tourists, in the heart of UBUD, which were not even to be found in remote luxury Hotels.

THAT inspired us to open the Shambala SPA in the heart of UBUD: www.ubudmassage.com

Win- Win: You may ask yourself, why we would not want to charge more for such high class massages, or pay the usual wages to the therapists and get by with the least amount of effort?

We pay good wages as well as % for each massage because we belive we live in a win-win universe. What comes around goes around. We are doing our part and we hope you feel inspired to do your part in helping a Balinese family. Your tips will all go directly to the therapist, and we also offer a SPONSOR A CHILD program on our BALI BLOG: www.Shambalablog.com

Welcome to Shambala, the place where Heaven & Earth meet. We hope you too will go home touched in a magical way! Don Paris, (honorary Ph.D) and Ilona Selke are both authors, seminar teachers and musicians. Don Paris has created the SE-5 1000, after the inventor of the SE-5 had passed away. Don has written about Radionics in his book Regaining Wholeness through the Subtle Dimensions, which you can read for FREE on-line at:


www.energyhealthzone.com (here you can find fascinating effective health tools)

Ilona Selke has written about dolphins, telepathy and the power to co-create our life based on the work of Dr. Vernon Wolf's work Holodynamics and Dr. Rod Newton's course Living From Vision.

The title is: Weisheit der Delfine und Frei wie ein Delfin beim Ullstein Verlag.

Auf Englisch: Wisdom of the Dolphins and Dolphins, Love & Destiny at www.amazon.com

Ilona's books have been published in five languages. We carry her books at both Shambalas in English.


It is the dolphins that brought us to Bali. We have the blessing to watch Dolphins swim by from time to time, and every morning our fishermen will go to take any of our guests out to see the dolphins here on the North Shore of Bali.

We are looking forward to having you stay at Shambala, where Heaven meets Earth!

Heartfully yours, Ilona Selke & Don Paris