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Dolphins-Seminar Florida




Join us on an Adventure for your Heart & Soul!

Fulfill your Dreams of Swimming with Wild Dolphins.

Swimming with dolphins can be guaranteed, weather permitting.


Place: Florida/Key West
Teacher: Ilona Selke

Price is inclusive of 10 nights stay, 5 half-day baot trips

31. July - 10. Aug. 2017


Price: 2300EURO per person plus lunch and dinner extra Currency Converter Link
Information: TRAVEL INFO


Tel.: +13603875713 

TOLL FREE: +18007587836







Swimming with wild dolphin is an extraordinary adventure ! Gift yourself with one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life!

On the tropical island of Key West in Florida, in the charming DOS CASA amongst the shaded, flowering tropical trees of Key West we will gather daily and spend about two hours with guided imagery, meditation exercises to enhance our telepathic ability, and do our creative inner work, by the pool, in order to raise our frequency and enter consciously into higher dimensions.

We will also open ourselves to the mystical information of the Dolphins.... explore our telepathic skills, and allow our minds to enter the multidimensional world of dolphin consciousness.

Then we will go to the beautiful Catamaran, called Patty C, to find the dolphins who spend their playing time in the shallow waters outside of Key West.

The warm balmy waters here are only 2 m deep, a safe haven for dolphins. For five days, we will spend half the day, about 4 hours of the day, connecting and swimming with the dolphins in the wild, gliding gently into the warm waters, the playgrounds of the dolphins, and inviting them to join us.


At night we will seek out out-doors unique restaurants that serve vegetarian food, go to visit the jugglers and dancers and artists at MAURI SQUARE, and take time to shop the many quaint shops on DUVAL STREET.

We will only be going out in a small group, totaling maximally 6 people including Ilona, where we will enjoying the ride on the breathtaking, turquoise waters that surround the West.
We will be looking for the dolphins, watch them from the boat, and glide into the waters whenever possible.

During our 10 day vacation we will make FIVE Half day trips (about 4 hours each) on the Catamaran to be with the Dolphins in the wild.

We will share vegetarian meals, fish as options, and share a highly conscious time together, without any alcohol.

An adventure is waiting for you! Come and join us!
To be touched by high-spirited being, such as a dolphin, is truly the gift of a lifetime........It is truly a pilgrimage. Quote by Ilona Selke

If you have further questions please contact Ilona at: 
 We are looking forward to greeting you in Key West and to guide you to the Dolphins!