Training Your Intuition and Developing Your Time-Space Body Awareness

Listen to the interview with the Ilona Selke by Kim Root speaking about how to train your intuition.

Discover easy steps that you can do in your daily life to train your intuition.

For those further down the road, listen to Ilona Selke explain how to develop your awareness of time at different vibratory rates and how to shape-shift reality with the power of your focus and awareness.

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ALIGNING with GOD and PRACTICAL LIVING – Dr. Molly interviews Ilona Selke



In this interview by Dr. Molly about aligning with god Ilona Selke shares about practical steps of how to live a spiritual life.

What does it mean to be spiritual?  How do we connect with god?  Do we need an intermediary?

Can everybody access the inner dimensions equally?

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Interview on SOULITY MAGAZIN with Brian Westley Johnson and Ilona Selke


This is the second out of a series of three interviews by Brian Westely Johnson and Ilona Selke on Soulivity Magazin.
His questions are thought provoking deep in detail to get attending to all the nitty gritty practical steps every listener is hoping for.

Bryant gets that once the larger picture and at the same time dives into details and specifics in order to make each interview practical and user friendly.

Join Brian Westley Johnson and Ilona Selke in the discussion of the lazy man’s guide to enlightenment, and which steps you can take to shift from contraction to expansion, from unhappiness to happiness.

Watch the interview by Brian Westley Johnson with Ilona Selke CLICK HERE: