Join Ilona Selke in her interview by Emily A. Francis on Postive Talk Radio

Explore your next level of healing!

Join Emily and her expert guests for a fun and entertaining exploration into different avenues of healing the body, mind, spirit and the energetic body. …so you can discover how to allow yourself to heal.

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TLBTV: The TRUTH with set your FREE by Linda D. Wattley with Ilona Selke

From the SHOW The Truth Will Set You Free by Linda D. Wattley.

Just how happy have you been with yourself? Have you been so happy that all you want to do is tell the world there is so much more to life than just surviving?

My guest, Ilona Selke has in-depth gifts, talents and energy to share with the world that promises to put you in a better state of being. She found the genie in the lamp, you can have one too

The Soul In Wonder Podcast


Join Chris and Sara for this soulful episode with Ilona Selke.
This year I have been on a lot of radio shows and yet I have not sent an email with each one of them.
This is one of my favorite interviews – so I really want to share this one with you.
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In this episode Ilona shares real-life stories of the power of consciousness, as well as practical tips anyone can use to shapeshift their lives with manifestation.


Loosing Weight from the Inside Out with the Juice Guru

During this interview, you’ll learn how to lose weight from the inside out.

Join us with Ilona Selke, author of “Dream Big the Universe Is Listening: Creating a Better World for Yourself and the Planet.”

You’ll learn about:

  • Regular goal-setting
  • Working from the inside out
  • How to more effectively work on weight loss
  • The athletes using this technique


Think Outside the Line – Interview by Shawn Feeney with Ilona Selke

What a fabulous interview by Shawn Feeney with Ilona Selke!!!

Quantum Physics has already paved the way for us to uerstand, that we live in an interactive universe, and how we do co-create our reality.

A vibrant interview which is touching upon many aspects on how we can make changes in our daily lives and make a paradigm shift in our life!


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