The Truth Will Set You Free – Dreams Do Come True Interview with Ilona Selke by Linda D. Wattley

The Truth Will Set You Free – Dreams Do Come True – With Guest – Best-selling Author, Lecturer, Musician, CEO, etc… Ilona Selke

From the SHOW The Truth Will Set You Free by Linda D. Wattley

Just how happy have you been with yourself? Have you been so happy that all you want to do is tell the world there is so much more to life than just surviving?

My guest, Ilona Selke has in-depth gifts, talents and energy to share with the world that promises to put you in a better state of being. She found the genie in the lamp, you can have one too.


Worlds Most Amazing People RADIO SHOW with K.C. Armstrong

Listen to Ilona Selke in an interivew by K.C. Armstrong about how we can make a difference…how to dream big and how to change not only our lives but also the lives of others!

Listen to K.C. Armstong, who after having produced the HOWARD STERN SHOW (Ilona Selke was on the Howard Stern show in the late 1996 / 1997 with her then recently published book JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF CREATION, which was later republished under WIDSOM OF THE DOLPHINS!

K.C. Armstrong had a turn around in his life and dedicated his work to making a difference!

He wants to only share good news and how people can make it out of any bad situations.

Listen to Ilona Selke, who shares that you can take just the smallest of negative situatioin and turn it around, so you don’t have to deal with the big ones.


CEO in 10 with Ilona Selke, founder of Living from Vision w/ host Rick Tocquigny

Rick is an internationally known author, radio talk show host, brand manager and Chief Business Officer with Austin based GPO, a leading search presence technology firm.

In his interview with Ilona Selke he ask her how the ‘NEW PARAGDIM” needs to be to help business owners and CEOs make headway in a new and different world.


The Mum Manifestation Revolution with Ilona Selke

Discover how to work within the busy life of a mom, to create the life you wish to live.

Get ready to start to dream big and take care of yourself so you can create the ideal life that serves you. Step out of chaos and into your heart and soul.

What you will learn from the interview: How to train your kids to have more confidence to guide your kids to their heart for solution.

A 3 step technique to connect with your heart and higher self, that will help you communicate in a much more powerful way Stop, Look, Choose process to be the director of your soul.

Bridging Heaven & Earth Show with Ilona Selke

Watch Ilona Selke in an interview in 1996 with Allen abuot the power of consciousness and how dolphins taught her that we co-create our own reality.

Ilona is a teacher, musician, and mystic whose new book, “Wisdom of the Dolphins —Entering the World of Dolphins and the Dimensions of dreamtime”, is an extraordinary account of her telepathic communication with dolphins.

Hers is a story of connection, love, surrender, and the vast new possibilities available for all of us on Planet Earth.

Ilona has collaborated on various music CD’s that uplift and inspire such as “Himalayan Soul” which is featured at the Monroe Institute, with embedded Hemisynch Tones, as well as”Mind Journey Music” , “In One We Are”, and many more.


Bridging’s website is: Bridging’s International Healing Art Project website is:

How to devolve your intuition and step into your purpose!

Listen to an interview  by Di Chancelor with Ilon Selke about how to develop your intuition and step into your purpose.
This interveiw was part of Connecting to your Intuition Masterclass (Summit) led in 2018 by Di Chancelor.
For more training with Ilona Selke and her Masterclasses, go to: