The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By! About the book DREAM BIG by ILONA SELKE

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!
Dream Big: The Universe Is Listening with Author Ilona Selke

From Stephen Hawking’s theories on time travel to recent study of performance in athletes when they envision and experience their success prior to achieving it physically, the idea of affecting outcomes that exist outside of the current moment has begun to inch its way into mainstream consciousness.

But how do we take it from theory into practice?

How can the everyday person who is not a scientist or a professional athlete hone their ability to create a better future for themselves and the world?

International bestselling author, seminar leader, lecturer, musician and dolphin whisperer Ilona Selke is opening the door for people of all ages and experience levels to begin the practice of self-betterment and global stewardship through her new book Dream Big: The Universe Is Listening.

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On a new moon, you can harness the power of a new begining.

Farmers knew that and planted their seeds with the New Moon, as the light and the pulling forces of the moon grow stronger as the moon becomes full.

So it is a good idea to write down your intentions for the upcoming month on New Moon and ask the universe for assistance in realizing them.  Remember, the universe is listening.

Set intentions for what you desire in this guided meditation by Thriive Global Ambassador Ilona Selke.

ALTHOUGH this meditation is dedicated to the New Moon, you can do this guided mediation excercies any time you wish.

It actually pays off to do this on a daily basis.
If it first you only find time and special moments to do imitation then do that.
But you may find that spending time in in a reverie, creating a blueprint of the successful tomorrow benefits you much more if you do it daily.

Bring a whiff of fresh energy into your life. Invoke the magic of manifestation under the power of the moon. Create an empowered new reality for yourself.


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Interview with Leading Authority on Tantra Margot Anand by Ilona Selke

Decades ago International bestselling author and world’s leading authority on Tantra Margot Anand sold over a million of her books on the subject of TANTRA. Her best-selling books—The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, The Art of Sexual Magic, The Art of Everyday Ecstasy, Sexual Ecstasy: The Art of Orgasm and The Sexual Ecstasy Workbook—took the world by storm and brought a new understanding to sexuality and bliss to the West.

The advent of her recent new book Find God in Bed! Margot Anand recounts her fascinating adventures and provides techniques and exercises to help you connect to the spiritual potential of sex and cultivate a deeper, more fulfilling love life.

Join Ilona Selke as she inquires with Margot about how we can improve our love life!

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In this special power-packed interview by Ilona Selke with Trevor Crane, ( )  will share tons of useful information for anyone who wishes to supercharge their PR of their work, whether you are an author or business owner, ….everyone can benefit from this interview.

Ilona Selke was also interviewed in the book BIG MONEY with YOUR BOOK  by Trevor Crane.

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Welcome to Living From Vision, The Course that can turn Your Dreams into Reality!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ilona Selke. I am the CEO of LIVING FROM VISION®, a worldwide network of teachers of the LIVING FROM VISION®course.

By now I am an internationally published bestselling author and lecturer, published in many languages, and with homes on three continents, mostly on islands and teaching internationally since for the last 25 years.

But that was not always the case. Like many people I had many dreams and hopes and wanted to figure out how this universe really works. In my early twenties, at a time when I was making my meager income by giving massages, I took this phenomenal course called Living From Vision®.

In the first LFV Course session, I was asked to dream BIG, to pretend for a moment that all that I ever wished for, could come true. I did, so I thought: I wanted my first laptop, I wanted to swim with dolphins in Hawaii, and I wanted all the money needed for a 3-week vacation, and I wanted to create a brochure, as well as have all the money to pay my taxes of that year.

OK, looking back, those look like small goals now, but to me at that time, they were huge. But what mattered was that I LEARNED HOW TO MANIFEST.

As a matter of fact, we have students from all walks of life who take the LFV course, either with an LFV certified teacher or as a self-study course. We have teachers in the USA, CANADA, EUROPE, CHINA, SINGAPORE.

Some of the students are CEOs of big companies, some are housewives, some are just starting to learn the secrets of the universe.What matters is, that we each grow, that we get better each day, in whatever way we feel is important. And to do that we need to apply focus and set our sights on our new horizons.

Find out about how Living From Vision can offer you step by step methods of manifesting, to literally make your life’s dreams come true.
Also get your FREE Ebook WISDOM OF THE DOLPHINS which outlines the workings of the holographic universe and how we interact with our consciousness in this dreaming universe! see more at

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 Ilona Selke explains the different states of consciousness available through meditation.

Exploring the many states of consciousness is one of the most rewarding steps anyone can take. Discovering the core essence of who we are, and then stepping outside of the Matrix into awakenedness, becoming fully aware of how the weaving of time space is truly what it was said to be MAYA or the dance of illusion. BUT it is not an illusion to be discounted in a Descartian sense, but rather a mirror of God reflecting itself in all stages of evolution, to encounter itself.

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The Path to your Soul’s Evolution okay

It is interesting that most children wish to learn the magic that makes dreams come true. It is not coincidental that a large portion of children’s books is dedicated to magic, miracles, the power of our mind. It is an innate knowing that children still have, which actually is the beginning of our spiritual path to our soul’s awareness.

The desire to create magically here on Earth will inevitably lead us to discovering the nature of our soul. The magical ability of manifestation invariably leads us to discover methods of transforming our blockages, and further leads us to discover the all-powerful connection of our soul to the Source.

Once we learn the methods of manifestation and we realize the power of our mind over the reality that we live in, we realize that we are not victims, but creators. The ultimate expression of managing to handle one’s physical life, including the ins-and-outs of true abundance, and living one’s purpose here on Earth, essentially requires being totally in touch with the God-force which governs the universe.
The more a person is linked-in and united with the God-force, the more powerful his or her manifestations become, and the more at peace he/she can feel.

If you are like most readers who come to the site, you have already realized that you are a multidimensional being, and are not simply satisfied with the current worldview of being a five-sensory, three-dimensional being. As a human-being we usually wish to understand the workings of the universe at ever deeper levels, to understand the hidden secrets to greater and greater extents, and to discovered the deeper abilities of our soul, and to fulfill our life’s purpose.

Many of people on the path of conscious evolution have already practiced a number of different methods. Some have focused solely on their soul’s evolution, at times having neglected their emotional blockages or baggage, because they might have thought that simply focusing on soul, or on God, was the only work to do.
Others may have trained in psychic awareness, or psychological tools, yet feel like they are lacking the overview, the diamond like awareness of the innermost core.

In an interview that I once gave, I was asked how meditation and psychotherapy relate to one another, or if they were contradictory. My answer was that our evolutionary path as a human being here on Earth is really multi-fold. We need to focus on our soul, as well as transform our negative emotional imprints, to enhance our positive energies, and we also need to train our manifestation skills, that allow us to truly live life as a dream-come-true here on Earth.

We easily can divide our evolution into three aspects:

  • discovering and refining our soul’s essence, our awareness beyond duality
  • transforming and evolving our emotional being
  • and being able to effectively manifest our dreams and visions

Depending on the path that people choose, one or another aspect is often neglected within the training.

On our path of learning to manifest effectively, we usually need to learn how to manage and transform our subconscious patterns, negative beliefs, or traumas that we may have accumulate in this lifetime or in our past lifetime/s. These negative beliefs often still affect our ability to manifest easily a joyful life here on Earth.
Unless we transform our negative patterns, we only rehearse the same imprints that have governed our behaviors in previous lives and this one.
We may even look rather impressive and successful, and some may even wage war on the larger or smaller scale, looking very mighty, yet the secret lies in the realization that the next level of our evolution requires our ability to hold two polarities within our consciousness, which then allows us to evolve to the next level of reality.

In order to learn how to surf the QUANTUM WAVE we need to learn to access and transform deeply embedded emotions, memories, patterns, as well as our unconsciously adopted beliefs, that may not serve us any longer. Once we do, we are free to change and evolve our imprints, which leads us into ever greater heights of experiencing our limitless divine nature.
When we learn to transform the negative imprints into powerful new energies, into new resonant fields, within ourselves, we are free to create anything of the next higher order, that we wish to create.

Along the way of mastering the ability to transform negative energies into positive energies, (within ourselves and without), we will realize, that it is our ability to realize our soul’s diamond, that allows us to manifest with the highest form of grace.

It is our consciousness, our soul, that seeks to develop its brilliance, and ultimately seeks to unify itself with its source, God, or whatever you wish to call it.
Learning to consciously enter deeper and deeper into the seat of our soul, reaching into non-dual awareness, refining and expanding the spark within us that resides beyond time and space, is deeply entwined with feeling fully alive.

It is an ability that can be mastered at ever higher levels.

It is the light of our soul, that shines through all of our actions here on Earth. It shines the light through our visions of our future, and creates a laserlike light-beam, and united with our ability to be one with the source, it then is the force that enlightens our dreams, and determines the vastness and purity of our creations.

It is the nebulous negative belief systems that most often holds our soul’s light in check.  By working on releasing these nebulous energies, by transforming our doubts, our anger, our negative expectations, our false assumption about reality etc. into radiant, higher vibrating, new resonant fields, we then gain access to actually enter a new world.

This is why I said in my interview that psychotherapy and meditation work hand-in-hand to assist in the evolution of our soul.
In order to address these three areas of our soul’s evolution, I offer three different styles of inner work:

  • QUANTUM IMAGING: which allows us to transform our emotional blockages
  • LIVING FROM VISION: which is the most effective manifestation course I know, which allows us to create and co-create within the fabric of the universe
  • SOUL AWARENESS TRAINING: which allows us to evolve our pure soul awareness to its ever higher capacity, to reach into unity with the source

The method of Quantum Imaging, originally developed by Dr. Vernon Wolf in his work of‘Holodynamics’ is the most effective technique that I have yet come across that has allowed thousands of people across the planet transform their negative emotions, and subconsciously held negative thought-forms, into powerful new resonant fields within their quantum and subconscious mind.

Living From Vision as originally developed by Dr. Rod Newton in the course called ‘Power of Choice’ has equally helped thousands of people across the planet to become powerful co-creators, and allows people to learn the basic as well as the advanced methods of manifestation. At-risk children, adults in Asia, Australia, Africa, North America as well as CEOs of incredibly large companies around the world have taken this course and have trained in the power of manifestation to bring ever greater success and equilibrium into their lives.

The Soul-Seminars, which are based on the Light-and-Sound-Teachings of a path calledShabda Yoga, have helped people delve deeply into the singularity of their soul’s consciousness, and to become fully aware of the core energy that exists beyond the physical body, that transcends time and space.
This is a forever ongoing journey: Entering into the center of creation, that fulfills our heart’s desire at our deepest core.

By being a conscious part (soul) that is consciously connected to the whole (the Source or God), we fulfill the purpose of the universe, where we dance as a part of an evolving, self-reflecting Kaleidoscope, a dance of interactive consciousness.
In this sense we become a luminous part within the whole. We become aware that we are the part and the whole; we are fulfilled in being consciously the part, conscious of the whole.

From Rags to Riches – How one woman made all the difference – by following her heart!

Prabavati Dwabha once on her path to Hollywood stardom, followed the calling of her soul!
She has now been living and serving in India for over 34 years.

She currently runs the Orphanage school called RAMANA’s Garden – where children are given a chance for a new life.
Here the poorest and lowest ranking members of society in India who are not given schooling, health care are giving a chance to change their life.

She did not start out looking to be a Mother Theresa. It happened to her through her quest to find her soul.

She started her life looking for stardom in Hollywood, gaining riches and renown,
When she had everything and was living in Venice Beach CA, complete with the red sports car and the designer clothes, she found that she was missing a meaning in life.

In India, she hoped to find the magic pill. But what she found was greater than that. Her life took on the greatest meaning when she started helping others.
When other people retire, she gets up tirelessly to work and help these unfortunates.
These children are given a dream., a vision, clothing, education, respect, and love.

Welcome to PRABHAVATI DWABHA in this exciting interview of how she looked for meaning in life and found herself giving meaning to others.


And also be sure to watch the short Trailer about her Children’s Orphanage RAMANA’s GARDEN