Other Underwater Adventures

Not only does Bondalem feature a protected reef, beautiful snorkeling, nature hikes, but also cultural riches.

And what is best, within one to two and a half hours in either direction from Bondalem, you can find a lot of exciting underwater adventures, such as Amed 1 hr and 15 minutes to the East,and  Menjangan Island 2.5 hr to the West, the Hot Water Springs are 1 hr and 20 min to the West, and the impressive magical waterfall at Les is only 10 minutes by car from Bondalem.

Make your base here in Bondalem to explore nature and take daytrip excursions to an underwater fantasy world.

Easy to find us

It is easy to find us!

Take the road up to KINTAMANI the volcano mountain look out village, which offers you a stunning view of Lake Batur and then keep going north, until you see signs to go to BONDALEM.

For your ease you can follow the signs to SHANGRILA Oceanside Resort.

Call us when you get to town.

Great Weather April trough December

We have great calm oceans throughout the spring/summer/fall months with only great sunshine and palms waving gently on the ocean shores here in Bondalem, on the North Coast of Bali.

Here, unlike in Ubud, we don’t get any rain for most of the year, but still our vegetation stays green. This guarantees a fun vacation, with lot of unspoiled explorations.