Welcome To Coaching with Ilona Selke

Let me take you on a journey into your soul..

I have helped thousands of people word-wide to achieve getting in touch with the higher powers of their consciousness, to live their dreams, to become their higher potential.

Whether it was weight loss, manifesting money, daring to become a speaker, moving to the island of their dreams, living near by dolphins, getting the publishing contract for their book for the amount of money they had hoped for, improving their love life, having all the money but having to regain the dear family bonds, whether it was children who were at risk, near drop out, finding their mission in life, we have seen so many amazing transformations, that we hope you will join us in the quest to strengthening the power of your subconscious and superconscious mind and soul! !!



learn how to shape the fabric of Your life


    Have less stress, increased creativity, and ease at problem solving. Feel connected to your heart and soul again.


    You will be able to watch your goals and dreams come to life through the metaphoric method of manifesting called LIVING FROM VISION..


    You will feel more powerful and deepen your self-esteem. You will feel like your are back in the driver's set of your life.


    You will find your intuition and inner guidance becoming more accurate. And you will find time being back on your side.


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what people say

  • Dear Ilona,

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! Indescribable images, feelings and times of utter wellbeing filed me from my work with you....I am getting clearer and clearer. ... there are no words to describe these realms of vibration. Thank you that I was able to experience this!

    Annika Lechtenberg Dpl. LSpeech Therapist
  • Daniela Werner

    Before leaving to Bali for the seminar with Ilona Selke I was in a close-to-burn-out state, low in energy, and full of frustration and sadness. Now I am such a happy and grateful person and can not remember feeling so good ever before in my life.
    This training has been mind-blowing, one of the most beautiful and most valuable transformational experiences of my life, accelerating my evolution dramatically!

    Daniela WernerVetenary Doctor

About Ilona Selke

Ilona Selke is an internationally bestselling author, seminar leader and speaker in the Human Potential Movement sind 1991.

In her own words she is a modern mystic.

She lives with her husband of 33 years, author Dr. Don Paris, on an island in the Northwest Pacific of the USA during the summer months, and for 7 months of the year in Bali, where she and her husband run their year round SHAMBALA Retreat Center.

Ilona Selke has inspired thousands of people to co-create reality, to discover the power of a spiritual mind in a practical way, and how to live and manifest their dreams.
She has appeared on TV and on the Radio,` has been a favorite speaker at the Phrophet's Conferences, and has been quoted in many books for the contribution of her inspirational work. She has her own TV SHOW called QUANTUM LIVING .
Ilona Selke has taught seminars for the last 33 years around the world both in English and in German, such as in Bali, North America, Australia, India, England, France, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany and Switzerland.

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During each session we will cover a new aspect of creating a balanced life. Besides covering conceptual insights, we will focus on making lasting internal changes. I will guide you into deeper emotional and intuitive levels of your consciousness.

Your feelings and emotions are the doorway which allow you to transform old imprints into their higher function. We will follow the powerful technique called TRACKING, from HOLODYNAMICS, as developed by Dr. Vernon Wolf. The transformations and changes are made in your holographic level of consciousness which will affect your realtime, 3-D, life. At the same time as we go through the coaching session, you will follow the LFV Online Self Study course, with the daily audio exercises along with the LFV APP. This approach will ensure that you develop skills and practice tools that empower you and set you free.


It is simple and easy. Just follow these steps when you are ready to make a significant change in your life!

  • FIRST: CHOOSE if you wish to book just one session, or if you wish to book your PREMIUM OFFER. CLICK on the corresponding SHOPPINGCART BUTTON, and pay for your 8 sessions. If you book your PREMIER PACKAGE it will ensure you receive 2 BONUS SESSIONS, as well as the LFV ONLINE COURSE plus the LFV APP.
  • NEXT: Choose a convenient time in YOUR TIME ZONE.
  • THRID: You will receive an email from me CONFIRMING YOUR BOOKING. If you have booked the PREMIUM OFFER you will only be paying for 8 sessions and you will receive 2 BONUS SESSIONS for FREE plus you will be gettiing a life-time access tothe LFV ONLINE CORUSE plus the LFV APP for FREE and the VIDEO TUTORIALs by Ilona Selke as well. This is a total SAVINGS of $750 USD.
  • FOURTH: You will receive the access code for the LFV ONLINE COURSE and the LFV APP via email from us once you have paid. Please allow 24. - 48 hrs for us to respond.
  • ASK QUESTIONS: We will confirm your time of booking your first session, usually in accordance with your choice of timing. This is a good time for your to send me your questions about your session via email.

You can book only one session, using the coresponding SHOPPING CARTfor SINGLE SESSION in order to test if this work is for you. That is fine. I will give you 15 BONUS minutes, FREE OF CHARGE so we get to know each other.

If you are readay to really make a change in your life, and wish to dive deeper and really make a change, I recommend that you book the PREMIUM PACKAGE. It is the best offer!


If you book 10 sessions, you pay only for 8 sessions, which is a $500 USD discount.


You will get LIFETIME FREE access to the LFV-ONLINE-COURSE! This is an additional $250 USD discount. Plus you will receive the LFV APP and the LFV VIDEO TUTORIALS

This is a total savings of $750USD

Email me at info@ilonaselke.com

More info about the LFV-COURSE at www.livingfromvision.com


You can cancel any session with a 48 hours’ notice, if you reschedule the session.

Sessions that have been booked and paid for can’t be refunded, however they can be rescheduled.

If you cancel any part of a package that you have started, you will lose the discount, and pay full price for each session and loose the bonuses.

If you are not sure if a 10-session-package is best for you, simply get started with one session and then book more sessions later. Be prepared for a full session, with tangible results.


Please prepare the following:

WATER: Have a glass of water next to you!

CELL PHONE: Turn your cell phone or house phone on silent, and turn off any notifications.

NO PETS: Close your door if you have a dog or a cat, so they can’t jump on you. This is YOUR TIME, and you want to be able to go deep.

STAY WARM: Have a shawl of jacket handy. When you go into deeper brainwave activity, which usually happens in sessions, where you access your own intuition, some people get cool. Others get very hot. Just be prepared to have extra warmth handy.

PREPARE QUESTIONS: Write down what you wish to work on, and imagine what you ideally wish to feel in the end. Thinking about what you wish to address ahead of time sets up a better field, so enjoy the process of thinking about YOU.

FREE 15 MINUTES: For most people it takes time to get going and to tune in at the beginning of a session. So that you can relax more easily and not have to worry about the clock ticking, I give you 15 minutes for FREE, so you can get comfortable and can settled in. During that time I will ask you questions to discover what you wish to work on during this session.


You will need to have a HEAD-SET and a VIDEO CAMERA on your computer to use SKYPE or ZOOM.

Please use a head set to avoid hearing all the feedback from your own voice or outside noise that will get amplified.


SKYPE: I usually offer session via SKYPE.

My skype name is ilonaselke

You can connect with me on SKYPE after you have set up your appointment and it has been approved. I will meet you at the appointed time of your choice. You will see yourself as a small picture and I will see you as a large image on my side.

ZOOM:ZOOM is another plattform that allows me to record your session, which I can then send you as an mp4 file or as a YOU TUBE VIDEO. Let me know if you wish to do that.

ZOOM is a visual / auditory platform, much like SKYPE. But it allows recording.

If you choose ZOOM, you will click on this link https://zoom.us/j/3561334987 at your appointed time. Be sure you have installed ZOOM at an earlier time. The ZOOM mini program loads itself once you click on this link: and is easy to set up. I will meet your at our appointed time. You will then need to click on the ZOOM link when the meeting starts.

We will both appear on the screen and be seen side by side.



I am so thrilled with the results of the Living from Vision Course and the coaching.
I can personally vouch for the change within me. Before staring the course I had very little self esteem and was overweight as soon as I did the home study course I started to change the way I thought of myself. I have lost 28 lbs since Christmas and I am now the size I was in my 20's (I'm 56 years old) I have a different view on life My relationship with my husband is now on a different footing and inspired by my loss of weight he too has lost 26 lbs. I then took the LFV TEACHER TRAINING, and I can say that it is so great to see the people change before my eyes and see that the change is being maintained.

- Carol Wyn-Williams-

Dear Ilona,
All dear wishes for you! I often think of you! Thank you that you let your star shine so brightly, that I could find it!

Your Soul-Travel training opened up a new dimension for me and is a turning point in my life.
I bought your self study course Living From Vision and worked through it during the suggested 5 weeks... It actually surpassed my expectations! Finally, I found effective instruments, with which I can solve inner conflicts lovingly, finally, I got great value, visions, and am moving in the direction of my wishes and goals. I feel clearer and happier.
Dearest greetings

- Ulrike S

Dear dear Ilona,
I am sure you have got already many great feedback letters. It is in my heart to tell you again how important your seminars, books, CDs and also the LFV course was and how valuable it is.�
The energy alone, that is felt during your seminars, is amazing . To feel and to carry home the energy over so many weeks is grand.
Your way to mediate, your special way of being spiritual and your energy, creativity, aliveness and zest for life you share always were so good for me to experience. I could see it shine from deep inside you. Unbelievable that I have been without it until now!.

- Birgit Baader

During the last year I did almost all Holographic Imaging CDs and have done much with them.
In the summer then, I began self study course Living From Vision.
I just finished it a second time and wanted to inform you, how wonderful this course is!
It helps me every time to focus on the essential things in life and I manage to get more done than I do otherwise.
It is simply fantastic!
I especially love the audio-exercise "Pre-experiencing your Success"
You give such wonderful support!
Thousand thanks for this phenomenal work!

- Isablele

Upon applying the skills I learned with Ilona Selke and the LFV course I negotiated the largest business partnership ever for my company...and it seemed so easy.... The Living From Vision course is THE best course I have ever taken. What I like the best is how I re-learned to trust and act upon my intuition to create what I truly desire in my life.

- P. Barnes, Chicago

Hello Ilona, 
I used the "Tracking" I learned from you and had fantastic results! I am very grateful for this wonderful transformation tool. I am able to apply it again and again in my own life!  It works also very well with anyone! It is our job down here to spread a little more light and love on Earth and also in the greater surroundings, again with love,os.

- S. Dos