• EAT, PRAY, LOVE Successfully

    Remember reading the book EAT, PRAY, LOVE?

    It’s about a woman who was riddled with sorrow, had been in a bad relationship and had experienced a series of challenging events that left her deeply hopeless and in despair!


    She didn’t know how to go on in her life and in despair she drops to her knees and starts praying. She asks a higher force, which she didn’t know, to help her!


    She found herself praying to a higher force which she had never seen. She didn’t even know what she was asking for. BUT she did reach to a field that is bigger than herself, a field that had helped others throughout millennia before.

    Instinctively she knew in her heart: That the universe was listening.


    Soon, her life took a drastic turn for the better. She traveled to Italy and discovered the pleasures of life, discovered a new language and new food and most importantly she started savoring life, something she had not done in a long time.

    Next, she travel to Bali, fell in love on the island of the Gods and discovered the power of love and her heart.


    In India she discovered the power of higher states of consciousness, the power of thought, and the fact that our universe is much more mysterious than we had ever thought.

    All that happened after she had fallen to her knees, asking the universe to listen.


    What do you do when things get tough? Do you rehearse all the worst case scenarios, do you see yourself as a victim, failing and or suffering?

    If so, you are not alone. The mind loves to dwell on problems. But you can’t solve problems at the level at which they are created. You need to rise to a higher vantage point.

    Instead of being part of the millions of humans who dwell in soap operas, you can discover the power of your thoughts and the cooperative nature of the holographic universe.


    You can try this. Just close your eyes once a day for five minutes. Direct your thoughts to a higher force, like the center of creation, or the center of the universe. Ask for help. Ask for insights!

    You don’t have to fall to your knees and beg for understanding. As a matter of fact it works a lot better to direct your attention to this invisible force, and pre-envision your solution, or your success, or the resolution. You can leave the details up to the larger universe.

    The universe needs you to co-create your reality. If you can see your life turn out for the better than that is what likely will happen.

    Prayer is how humanity was taught to communicate with that higher force. We can call it what we may, the great big expanse, the IT if we wish.

    However even the Bibles states that we should not be beggars in our prayer, or our communication with God or the source. We are supposed to assume that we will be helped.


    The Essenes had a recipe for successful prayer according to the research by Gregg Braden/

    Assume that your prayer was already fulfilled. Don’t beg, assume your knock on the door is answered. That is how we shift our reality around.


    The language by which the universe can hear us is through the language of feeling and imagery. If you can pre-create the holographic matrix inside yourself, the chances are that you will find that internal hologram soon to be manifest outside of yourself.

    We are living in a holographic matrix. What thoughts or emotions and believes you carry within yourself is what you soon will see without and around you.

    Master these four powerful steps to create a better life:

    1. Describe what you want. Use your mind to say it, and be clear about your outcome.
    2. Feel the fulfilment of your wish in advance. Even if you just feel that fulfillment for 5 minutes only in the morning preferably it will work.
    3. See the images of your live like a movie unfold before you as if it were going the way you dream about.
    4. Create a blueprint of fulfilled feelings in yourself and then let go.

    The universe picks up on these feelings and is listening to every thought of yours.

    Read more about how set your goals, deal with the resistances and how to make big dreams come true in the book DREAM BIG – THE UNIVERSE IS LISTENING. (on Amazon.com)

    When you discover the power of your consciousness and the power of the universe and when you create the blueprint for your success in the form of silent prayer or silent but strongly felt focused attention, you will start turning your life around and live your dreams, your purpose and what you came here for.

    At LIVING FROM VISION it is our mission and passion to help people discover the power of their consciousness.

    Join Ilona Selke in her MASTERCLASSES and take the Living From Vision online class.


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3 thoughts on “EAT, PRAY, LOVE Successfully”

  1. YES!!!
    Accessing the holographic mind and the matrix of the universe is the doorway into a much grander time space reality than we’re currently in. THANK YOU!

  2. Ilona, thank you for reminding us of the wisdom of prayer. The parts of your blog that resonated most with me were: “Instead of being part of the millions of humans who dwell in soap operas, you can discover the power of your thoughts and the cooperative nature of the holographic universe.”And your solution: “Just close your eyes once a day for five minutes. Direct your thoughts to a higher force.” Sometimes we forget that we were in direct connection with our Higher Force before we were born into the earth plane. That phone line reopens with prayer and is only cut off when we choose to hang up. Great blog!

    1. I love that you got the message and were able to summarize the content so well!!!! Yes, we do all need to pay more attention to what we hold in our heads!

      DREAM BIG – THE UNIVERSE IS LISTENING was a title of my latest book…

      It came to me in my interview with Jack Canfield on Hollywood Live with him.
      He was asking me for a message for younger people, and I was about to say BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS.! But out came the words: DREAM BIG – THE UNIVERSE IS LISTENING

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