Living From Vision® Self Study Course

Thank you for having downloaded the book LIVING IN A HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE! We hope you enjoy discovering how you too can create a magical life.


Are you ready to really learn how to enter the holographic nature of the universe and learn to manifest?

Do you wish to have help to set your goals, and manifest your dreams so you can livea happy life and fulfill your specific purpose in life.

Let us help you get there. Thousands of people have practiced achieving their goals and manifesting their deepest dreams with the Living From Vision course.

Here is a short, fun 60-second animation film that tells you about the LFV Course in a nutshell.


The LFV course provides you step by step techniques, that you can practice daily until you get the results that you want.

When we understand the laws of the universe, and master taking responsibiltiy of our life, and when we feel like we are the director of our life that is when we feel fullfilled. LFV is like taking the 101 university course on the laws of creation.

Let Ilona Selke give you an introduction to the LIVING FROM VISION Course on this video:


Life is about learning how to co-create reality and to become more conscious of who you truly are...If you want to develop your power to create, to live in harmony with your intuition, and explore your life form the inside out, then THIS is the course for you!

This course, Living From Vision®, teaches whole brain thinking, imagery, relaxed focusing and immediate action.

No matter how many trainings you have taken, this course will give you wings. "It is a grand recipe that actually works!" (as quoted by customers world wide)

This course really delivers! A structured five-week course leads you to actually live what you truly envision.

By dealing clearly with the feedback you encounter as your actions begin to manifest, obstacles are easily resolved, and the natural flow of creation comes through you.

This is a powerful course for anyone who wants to crack the cosmic code of how time-space works & learn how to create.

You will practice:

  • How to manifest your visions, goals, wishes
  • How to find and express your personal purpose
  • Step-by-step methods to ensure your goals come to life
  • How to deal with negative emotions, and make them work for you
  • To Handle stress effectively
  • How to create a happy life, and sit in the driver's seat of your life
  • Develop your creativity.... yes, ... write, sing, travel....
  • Have the financial dreams of yours come true
  • Develop your emotional and intuitive IQ
  • Have time for yourself again ... b r e a t h e ...
  • Make the special projects you have been dreaming about come true
  • Face your fears.... turn them around to become your allies
  • Feel empowered
  • Develop a higher version of YOU and live it
  • Read the tesmonials.....




The LFV Online Course

  • The complete five weekLFV- Online course, including all the guided imagery exercises,
  • The LFV APP

Upon purchase we will send you the link via email where you can download the LFV APP.




After your purchase we will send you the link where you can download the LFV APP.





The LFV-APP is included in your purchase price

  • The LFV-App contains the vital morning and evening exercises.
  • The LFV-App is integrated with the GOOGLE Calender or the iCalender.
  • The LFV-App teaches you how tin integrate the weekly lessons on a daily basis
  • The LFV-App is part and parcel of the LFV Course.
  • You can also puchase the LFV OFFLINE coure in book and CD format additionally to the LFV Online Course.

You will find virtually every proven manifestation technique created to date in the LFV Course


This course accompanies you every day in actually doing and manifesting what you learn!

This course is a distillation of the best, the Crème de la Crème of self-improvement technologies.

Based on the powerful ideas of Robert Fritz, Anthony Robbins, Ernest Holmes (Science of Mind), Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) and other pioneers of manifestation and human potential.

Imagine living life as you want it to be, instead of as a reaction to the demands around you. Imagine finding out what matters most to you, and then manifesting your vision.

This course really delivers! A structured five week course leads you to actually live what you truly envision. By dealing clearly with the feedback you encounter as your actions begin to manifest, obstacles are easily resolved, and the natural flow of creation comes through you. A powerful course for anyone who want more from their life, and is willing to commit to a process of creating it.

What effects can you expect from this course?


Less stress, increased creativity, ease at problem solving and manifesting your goals are some of the results people experience.

  • Most people move from feeling 'average' to 'very happy'. On a scale from 0 - 10 they move from 6.5 to 9 across the board in their self-assessment of their happiness level.
  • You will be able to watch your goals and dreams come to life through the metaphoric method of manifesting.
  • You may feel a glow develop around you as you start feeling that you are again in the driver's seat of your life.
  • You will feel more powerful and deepen your self-esteem.
  • You will find your intuition and inner guidance becoming more accurate


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BUY NOW for 345 USD


People have told us that they would gladly have paid $10,000 for the Living From Vision® course..... They have more than

quadrupled their income....and manifested their deepest dreams.

Based on over 30 years of feedback we know you will be able to manifest your dreams and set your goals. And when you do, we would love for you to involve your friends and family. Tell them to take the course as well. You will start living in a community of self-empowered friends and familymembers!!

Included in your LFV-Self-Study Course is:

  • The LFV-Online Course all 5 segments, It iis YOURS forever!
  • The LFV APP -(regularly $ 125 USD) is included
  • 6 TUTORIAL VIDEOS and EMAILS to accompany you on the 40 day-journey to a better life

So I ask you: "Are you ready to learn how to step by step, to create your life the way you want it to be?" If YES, then order now!

The LFV-Online Course is your for ever.

No time limit at all.

Money Back Guarantee!

BUY NOW to put your life on track!


We always strive for full costomer satisfaction. We offer a 100% Money Guarantee with the purchase of the LFV Online course through the above link!


I have been doing the LFV Cousre for 14 years, and manifested my health and my amazing life style due to the LFV course. It is due to imy Daily LFVEnergizing Exercises
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