Most of the time, when we think of love, we think of romantic love. Our hearts flutter, we only think of the One, and we do everything we can to be as close to this One as possible.

The Greeks differentiated between erotic love, platonic love, and divine love.

Helen Fisher wrote a book about her groundbreaking research on love, entitled Why We Love, in which she describes that we have three different areas of the brain that can often play very different love-related programs at the same time.

For example, we can feel an erotic need or lust for one person, while we have romantic feelings for another person, and at the same time lie happily and peacefully next to our long-term partner in bed without our brain experiencing any difficulties.

We may personally feel remorse, but our brains are designed to handle this simultaneousness of our different levels of love.

Our history is full of tales and poetry on this challenging matter, and to date, no society has fully made sense of why we love in the many ways we do.

All three areas: Eros, romance, and long-term attachment are associated with love. Each can rear their heads at any time, even simultaneously.

Helen Fischer says that these three programs are meant for the survival of the human species, and technically are not mutually exclusive. This knowledge alone has helped many people forgive themselves for their many contradictory loves, and needs, whether lived or just imagined. We are in fact only serving our survival. -:)

And we also all know that there are many different forms of love, not just sexual or romantic love, but also parental love, love for the country, love for an ideology, and love for God. Love is a force that exists beyond the confines of mortal emotions of bonding.

Let me tell you a story of a type of love, that allowed me to enter ever deeper into the very nature of reality and the structure of time and space.

At the age of 18, I discovered the book “The Lazy Man´s Guide to Enlightenment” by Thaddeus Golas, which for me has provided the most comprehensive description of what love is. Because of this, the book is still my little Bible to this day.

Where two or more go into unity, love arises.

That is the quintessence of the book and a piece of wisdom that has accompanied me to this day.

Even in difficult life situations, this book has helped me to master the challenges with the following sentence.

This too, you can learn to love.

They say we have two choices: To experience fear or love

1. We can either contract, get smaller, get tougher, feel fear or anger.

2. Or we can expand, become softer and wider, and penetrate the energy field that surrounds us, embrace, and feel love.

When we learn to love something, then we are free and become bigger than the something, from which we were withdrawn before. We can embrace it. That is a feat in and of itself and is an expression of love.

The ability to embrace something usually requires a little bit of inner work and development from us, because when we are opposed to things, we cannot see the good in it at first.

In one of my books, I describe how I sat as a stewardess on my first official flight in a five-star hotel in London at the age of 19, tearful because I was in a 180 ° different film than the one I actually wanted. I wanted to be a poor Cambridge student studying philosophy.

Contrary to my ideal dream, now as a high-paid stewardess, not as a poor philosophy student, I was sitting in a luxury hotel, not at the Cambridge University, but in Downtown London.

When I opened the book ” The Lazy Man´s Guide to Enlightenment” to an arbitrary page to get a little Cosmic Wisdom about my dilemma, I noticed this special sentence:  This too, you can learn to love!

Immediately I sat down, closed my eyes, and tried to find a way to love my circumstance, just as prescribed in the instructions.

Unlike the human love we feel between people, I opened my heart to that which I found hard to love: my luxury circumstance.

It was so contrary to what I had wanted at a deeper soul level. But deterimined to follow the books prescritiption I tried as best I could to take this luxury situation into my heart, to love it and accept it, because this, as it said in the Enlightenment book, was one of the many possibilities of the universe that one could experience, and all experiences were within the Great One Mind of God.

I went into a unity and harmony with my surroundings instead of rebelling internally against it.

Entering into unity with something, and being in harmony with something can take on different degrees, we can embrace sth a little or a lot, and thus can experience different intensities of a feeling of love or warmth.

Here in the five-star hotel room, surrounded by teak furniture, I began to embrace my environment of luxury and entered into harmony with my circumstance. I began to radiate love for this situation, saying to myself: “This too, you can learn to love “.

Almost 40 years later, in Bali one day, I found myself sitting in reverie in our new home in Ubud. I took the same little book “The Lazy Man´s Guide to Enlightenment” off my coffee table in our home and opened it to a random page, to see what bits of wisdom it could share with me this time.

To my surprise I opened to the same page as back then and I read the same message as I had nearly 40 years ago in London:

This too, you can learn to love.

I looked around our home here in Bali and was amazed at the meaning of this sentence in my new context.

Baffled I noticed that again I was sitting surrounded by teak furniture. This time however I was seeing only beauty and perfection surrounding me. The teak furniture after all was made of recycled old teakwood, which had been restored from old Java houses and had not required prescious trees to be cut.

Tears welled up in my eyes because I could clearly see the evolution I had gone through the last four decades. Many times had I used the very same message that THIS TOO YOU CAN LEARN TO LOVE as my guiding light.

This simple sentence had created magic throughout my life. I had learned to love luxury too! We can object to many different things. But in the end we are only masters, when we can hold the two opposites in the two palms of our hands, so to speak.

Now I am happy and in tune with the beauty of the world that surrounds me, and I appreciate the part in me to which beauty is important.

This teak wood also reflects the deeper values I hold, such as that this Teak wood was recycled, had not required for trees to be cut, and I was living in a community, of conscious beings, in a country that was the choice of my heart and soul.

But what does that have to do with love?

Being able to unite with another THAT is the art of loving.

It does not matter whether this OTHER is a circumstance, a value, or a belief, a life situation, a person or an animal. Unifying with another, whatever that is creates a field of unity, harmony and is felt as love.

Love is the ability to be in harmony with something, and to flow into one another, eventually even entering total unity.

Union is what creates the feeling of love.

Now let’s look at this union in relation to human love:

We can unite a little, as is the case with friendships for example, or more strongly, as is often the case between parents and children, and even stronger, as is experienced between romantic partners.

Also, love can be powerfully experienced by going into union with the divine alone, as well as going into the union with the divine together with one or more other beings.

Over the course of my life, I have come to understand, that the universe came into being as an expulsion of its unified essence, to expand and then return into union, back to itself. In the process it is becoming a more complex structure, experiencing itself through a multitude of individuated forms, which eventually all long to return to the Origin of Oneness.

This return to Oneness is embedded into the structure of all that is, as is the drive to bifurcate, to differentiate, and to individuate.

The drive to return to the union is what brings us together in love.

Two people can become One in different ways: In sexual union, in emotionally coming together into one unit, in spiritual union with one another in the apex of God.

In experiencing union, love arises in our hearts.

We do know that we feel love when we are taken into the folds of the arms of another.

BUT the feeling of love not only arises with others but also when we connect ourselves with our soul core diamond, which is one of the most important steps in the development of our ability to love.

When we open ourselves to our innermost core and we drop our ego, our human structure, our self-concept and open ourselves to our soul diamond, then we also experience a feeling of deep love.

Although it may sound like a paradox, unity arises from duality and duality arises from unity. It is the dance of eternity with itself.

We continuously open ourselves to the deeper, finer, or higher aspect in us.

People who have experienced this union with their soul core diamond can love with greater intensity, because they have experienced the basic feeling of self-love.

We can only experience this union and the love that goes with it, if we let go of our identity, at least to a certain extent, regardless of whether we are in union with our own soul core, or with the soul core of another person, or connected with our soul’s core, or even united as two or more beings such as a family, nation etc..

To the extent that we enter into Oneness, we experience the intensity of the union as love.

To the degree to which we allow ourselves to be penetrated, to that degree we feel love.

When we can absorb another being, a thought, another essence into our essence, at that moment we experience union, harmony and love.

When we have expanded our energy field and are interwoven with one another, this then causes the feeling of love.

The physicists have recognized that light can act either as a photon or as a wave.

• As a wave, light creates a field and flows into one another.

• As a particle, the photon hits objects like a billiard ball on a billiard table.

In the same way, we humans can be both: particle, or wave.

We can be as hard as a billiard ball and feel offended by anything.

Or, we can be as soft as the light of a candle, which envelops everything with its warmth.

Thaddeus Golas writes that we can only reach this waveform if we perceive ourselves to be and become energy beings.

I would add, that, in order to experience love, we have to let go of our separate identity and step into the field of energy in order to experience unity.

It is in the surrender or the dissolution of identity, whether only for seconds or for an eternity, that we then experience love on the many dimensions and levels of beingness.

In my many seminars around the world, I have accompanied people on journeys to the center of the universe through guided meditations. I asked them to choose a being, a person, an angel, even a dolphin, with whom they wanted to unite.

In the ascent through the different dimensions of existence, from being a particle to being an energy being to the ascent into the purest consciousness, I accompanied people in the feeling of rising more and more intensely into unity, of getting closer and closer in the center of the universe, until the two entered into unity in a great crescendo, and dissolved into unity and there experienced the greatest form of love and enlightenment.

I describe this journey to the center of the universe in my book Dolphins, Love and Destiny, and I teach it in many meditations.

In hundreds of these meditations, with thousands of people around the globe, I have seen that we humans are remarkably similar in the encounter of our soul cores and the unity of God:

In this ascent to the center of creation, we become brighter, and as we get closer and closer we begin to spin around each other in a spiral dance, until, at ever greater speed, we move toward each other into a unity, often explosively merging into Oneness, where we dissolve our identity and experience the greatest form of unity, enlightenment and love.

In Tantric Buddhism, it is said that the union of two into unity is the quickest way to enlightenment.

Whether it is the practicing monk who focuses on and achieves union with a divine entity, or whether it is two lovers or a person who focuses on an angel; whenever these two beings (or more) merge in perfect unity, there the feeling of love arises, which at times is experiences also as enlightenment.

The Greeks spoke of Eros, erotic love, of platonic love, and of agape, divine love, selfless love.

But basically, all forms of love have this one thing in common:

The ability to come into harmony and unison, to dissolve the boundaries of the self, and to immerse oneself in a larger communion.

When two beings unite, a synthesis occurs, which becomes a new, living structure.

No matter what form this new structure is, a marriage, a momentary connection of two souls, a family, a nation, in this unity we feel the feeling of love, the magnetic force that holds this structure together.

Love is the magnetic force that holds everything together, that calls everything together.

Love is the beginning and the end, alpha and omega

How to deal with fear positively

Many of us find ourselves at times not able to manage our negative emotions effectively due to stress, anxiety, pain, etc.
Catch Teatox with Pinky Daga in a conversation with Ilona Selke on Transmuting your anger and anxiety to higher emotions followed by a guided meditation.
Published in the ONE SPIRIT online magazine April 2020


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How to deal with fear positively

Suddenly life has come to a standstill, quite differently than we have ever experienced. We have no psychological preparation for this situation.

Not only is the invisible virus lurking, but for many people, it also means that income will be cut, or the cash flow may stop in the foreseeable future.

The human system reacts to uncertainty with fear.
Fear is the reaction of our limbic system to activate our survival powers. Muscles contract, cortisol levels rise, stress hormones rise, pulse rates can rise. All of this is done to increase our chance of survival.

This is fear’s positive wish: It wants us to survive
Some of us do not even notice that fear has arisen in us, we are just stressed, we are more angry, anxious, or suddenly we are less productive.

Some people cling to the media and pump themselves full of scary images every day.

At least you have the feeling that despite a paralysis that has arisen, you are doing something, you are getting information.

Some people build theories that play down everything and try to convince other people that everything that goes on in the media is fake news.

Everyone has different strategies for dealing with fear. The most important thing is to first admit that you consciously or subconsciously feel insecure or are scared.

In today’s article, I would like to point out a few ways that this chaotic energy can be used to strengthen, heal, and create a positive future.

I have written many reviews of this method in my books such as Wisdom Dolphins, or Dream Big – The Universe is Listening, and I also have taught this method also contained in the self-study course Living from Vision, and in seminars for 35 years, worldwide.

There are currently three main fears that are currently bothering us:

1. Fear for one’s own health, and fear for the health of loved ones
2. Fear of losing food, including work, money, and lifestyle.
3. Fear of the loss of the world as it was before, of lifestyle and above all of the freedom, and the accompanying feeling that an evil power has suddenly gained the upper hand.

Feelings, whether positive or negative, are our friends. They are the bridge to the higher dimensional world.

Through our feelings, we are connected to this 3-D world. We can use and use these feelings to gain access to the matrix and to convert it to the good.

Feelings no matter how positive or negative they are, are energy sources.

The moment we become aware of our feelings; we take a step back to get a perspective.
We stop first and look at our feelings and the situation we are in.

At this moment, our soul becomes active, we give our consciousness space that is larger than the moment in which we are.

This is the first and most important step we can take:
Becoming aware that we feel something and what we feel.

Then we can deal with the feeling ourselves, take a closer look at it, perceive it more closely, dress it in color and give it a shape so that we have a real counterpart, so to speak.

The moment we have a dialogue with our energy, e.g. for example, with the fear, we have access to a much deeper power and wisdom of the universe.
The universe is intimately connected with us and our consciousness.

However, fear often closes this door or faints into helplessness, it tries to dominate the 3D world with power.

The first step in getting out of this fear (or the feeling of powerlessness, or whatever it is) is to listen to that fear and perceive it as energy.
Let’s pick fear as an example: If we ask fear what it really wants, it will usually tell us that it wants something positive.

Fear alerts us to the fact that something is wrong and in the deepest sense, this feeling desires a solution.

For example, the fear of getting sick wants to be healthy; the feeling of being weak wants to be stronger; the fear of death wants to survive and to be with the family.

The is the wish to experience love, to be safe.
If we give this fear the chance to tell us what it really wants, if we dare to feel this fulfillment for a few minutes, then we have already taken the first step towards healing and even fulfillment.

We can get access to a positive future by listening to the deeper desire of the fear.

By that I mean the true desire, that is embedded in the negative emotion.

In this way, the negative feeling becomes the very doorway, through which we enter a fulfilled future.
The universe reacts to our thoughts and ideas and above all the feelings that we associate with them.
The universe, based on the Law of Resonance, creates the circumstances that translate these internal vibrations into 3D.

Sometimes fear says that it wants to be protected or that it wants to have a protective wall around itself or us for that matter. But that is not the ultimate goal.

The universe needs the blueprint of our ultimate goal, not the means to an end. Therefore, allow yourself for a moment to put yourself in the state of the fulfilled future.

This technique, as simple as it may seem, forms the principle of all often magical changes because our universe works holographically.

We do not need to push the fear away, we can use it to find out what we really want. It becomes the driving force for fulfillment.

This means we do not have to get rid of fear, we don’t have to fight it, we don’t need to deny it, but we can use it as a driver to get where we really want to get.

When we become aware of our feelings and envision a fulfilled future, we enter a different timeline of possibilities.
By focusing on the fulfillment of the truest deeper wish, one that was contained in the core of the negative emotion, we are free to enter the universe in which we experience the fulfillment.

We need to conceive of it first. And foremost this needs to happen emotionally. The universe listens to our energy not our words.

First, we become an observer. The observer has the chance to choose from the many parallel opportunities and can choose what you really want.
Built on the psycho-maturation technique of Dr. Vernon Wolf and the knowledge that our life works holographic, I have taught other people all over the world for the last 35 years, how we can accomplish real transformation, bordering on the miraculous, by converting negative energies into their positive potential.

The physical world takes on the form of the feeling hologram which we carry as a blueprint or matrix in our subconscious.

That is why it is necessary that we face our fears, understand our frustrations and then ask them to show us where they really want to go.

In the case of our current world situation, we do not need to remain in fear, but let ourselves be guided internally by our fulfilled energy.

This enables us to do the right thing at the right time, at the right place.

Because we are in deep inner contact with our intuition through this work, we are or have advanced intuition. We will be informed well in advance when needed to do the right thing and be at the right place.

When we have been practicing this type of communication with the holographic universe for a long time, we will find our intuition to increase dramatically.

That is because we have chosen to listen and cooperating with the universe.

Read a few miracle stories from my books to show you how powerful awareness is. This will boost your trust and understanding of how this holographic universe works.
Indeed, we live in the matrix, and our imagination models the blueprint, one which the universe follows.
With this method, we strengthen our intuition and know things that we do not know how they know.
Important information can reach us from higher levels, guide us better so that we are always in the right place at the right time.

Even if it is sometimes illogical, we react to this inner voice, our inner guidance, and are always in the right place at the right time.

Start listening to your future now, and it will allow you to create Heaven on Earth internally first and then in your outside world.

Books by Ilona Selke are available at AMAZON


How You Can Create Global Changes with the Power of your Imagination

Image by  https://cdn.pixabay.com

I had been teaching the Living From Vision technique for over two decades and has seen the amazing changes which my worldwide LFV students and myself were able to create just by focusing on the fulfilled future, and seeing the end result in advance.

This particular year in 2011 I decided to put the visioning skills to the test to create global changes.

In my various books I’d already written about the number of successful imagery experiments that were global in nature.

This time I wanted to see if using our imagination for one specific Earth issue could be utilized to bring about a global discovery and solution.

I picked an issue that have not heard a solution for and dedicated every Saturday about 5 minutes to pre-envision the solution.

I chose plastic. Living in Bali I was even more keenly aware of its issues.

I’ve wanted an organic material that could transform any plastic into its organic components and therefore be rendered harmless and biodegradable.

I had been teaching the Living From Vision technique for over two decades which teaches how to transform reality from the inside out.

I had seen amazing changes in the lived of my worldwide LFV students and myself, which we were able to create just by focusing on the fulfilled future and seeing / sensing the positive end-result in advance.

This particular year in 2011, I decided to put the visioning skills to the test to create global changes.

In my various books I’d already written about the number of successful imagery experiments that were global in nature.

I wanted to see if using our imagination

 for one specific Earth-Climate issue

 could be utilized to bring about

 a global discovery and solution.

I picked an issue for which I had not heard a solution yet. Making PLASTIC biodegradable.

Every Saturday I dedicated about 5 minutes to pre-envision the solution to plastic being transformed on a global scale.

I envisioned that an organic material could transform any plastics into its organic components and therefore be rendered harmless and biodegradable.

By the end of one year of weekly meditations, I finally read about the discovery of an anaerobic bacteria in the news!

Students of the University of Yale had discovered an anaerobic bacterium that could transform plastic even deep under mounds of trash, where no oxygen existed.

Meaning this anaerobic bacterium could transform plastics into organic matter even without any oxygen, such as deep down in the landfills.

It was discovered by students of Yale University in 2012.

A group of Yale students made the breakthrough discovery in 2012, as part of the university’s annual Rainforest Expedition and Laboratory with molecular biochemistry professor Scott Strobel. Venturing into the jungles of Ecuador, the mission was to allow “students to experience the scientific inquiry process in a comprehensive and creative way,” according to the course’s website.

The group searched for plants within the Amazon, which is home to more species than almost anywhere else on Earth, and then cultured the microorganisms within the plant tissue.

What they ended up finding was pestalotiopsis, which can effectively degrade one of the most destructive synthetic substances for the planet. Read more here…

When I read this in the news in 2012, I was ecstatic!

It had worked in my mind and now I heard about the solution in 3-D, one which had not been there a year earlier.

Since then I have done more global imagery experiments and encourage people to do so as well.

We all contribute to the global evolution with our dreaming mind.

Solutions are popping up all over the place. The latest on plastic transformation is a mushroom that eats plastic and then provides food for humans.

Read the whole article about how mushrooms are helping to transform plastics HERE

In JAPAN at about the same time the  Ideonella sakaiensis  was discovered that transforms plastic into its natural components.

The team at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado,  says they’re still years away — scientists say at least five years — from bringing a plastic biodigester of any sort to the market.


Would you like to learn how to be part of the global evolution?

Would you dedicate 5 minutes a week to envision trans-formative innovations are commonplace and used everywhere around the world.

You can do so in the comfort of your home. Start by seeing and feeling the change that you want to see in advance in the chambers of your own inner movie studio.

You now can you do your part of living from vision and see positive changes happening everywhere around …for yourself and the planet.

Join us at Living From Vision.

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Do Our Thoughts Have Power?

You probably have heard it before:

You can create your own success, your own reality and remember that the power of your mind is stronger than the power of circumstances. But why is it then that some people seem to be plagued by negative events, or do not get ahead, feel captured by their circumstances, while other people fly high like eagles in the sky, creating their success left and right?

Do we actually live in a consciousness interactive universe? 

Does our consciousness affect physical reality?

Let me ask you:

Have you ever manifested a parking spot for yourself?

Have you known someone who created miracles through consciousness?

Whether it was through prayer, or having gone through some kind of training, or based on healing through the power of thoughts from a healer, have you known someone who has created what appeared like a miracle?

My grandfather told me such a story when I grew up as a child. My grandmother had the shingles, a type of very painful inflammation of the skin. My grandfather did not know what to do. He did not believe in any kind of long-distance healing or healing of mental kind at all. But he didn’t know what else to do after all doctors failed, so he took my grandmother to such a healer.

But because he did not have the belief that such things could exist, the healer sent him out of the room. The healer used the power of his focused mind, and pre envision to the healed condition of my grandmother, said a few magical words and VOILA! my grandmother healed overnight.

My grandfather had no logical answers and had to succumb to accepting the power of something that was far beyond the logical mind.

Later on, a Chinese acupuncturist who became our friend healed people when everybody else had given up on them. He told us that he used to see his grandfather float when he himself was still a young boy.

His grandfather was part of the spiritual boxing revolution, and they had practiced being invincible to swords.

And he was able to float mid-air. Our acupuncturist doctor and friend had seen his grandfather float mid-air with his own eyes as a child, so he never questioned such miracles.

To him, miracles were normal. Supernatural Powers were normal.

But are those miraculous powers reserved to the few special supernatural people? What if I told you that we all have the birthright to communicate with the universe and to be powerful agents of positive change.

But it takes practice.

The good news is that with enough training and knowing how our consciousness works, you can learn to access the power of the super dimensional universe. The universe is designed for us to talk to it. The universe created us and our brain so that when we align our mind like a laser beam which we can reach to the end of time and space with our mind and create miracles if need be.

Just like a pianist has to learn to play the piano, and practice his fingers, and like a bodybuilder has to build his muscles through diligent practice, so to do we need to practice the power of our focused mind.

Step by step we will get results: And I want to share with you five of steps that you can take right now to create results in your life.

1) Firstly, you need to be clear about what you want. It is best if you write your goals and dreams down.

2) Secondly, you need to spend some time every single day experiencing the absolute fulfillment in your inner mind and soul, seeing and feeling as if your goal or dream is already manifested and happening. It doesn’t need to be long!

Just 5 to 10 minutes every morning and in 5 to 10 minutes in the evening work just fine.

3) Focus your mind every evening before going to sleep and request the universe to help you reach your desired goals. You will draw towards you all the resources you need in order to make your dream come true and to find your answers.

4) Be honest with yourself. Tune into your heart and soul; find out where you have doubts, where you have negative feelings. We may want to have a million dollars, but at the same time, we may feel like we don’t deserve it. We may want to lose weight, but at the same time think that we are eating too much and secretively envision gaining weight.

These contradictory thoughts happen all the time, however, they are the reason that we undermine the power of our subconscious mind. But we do need to deal with our negative thoughts and feelings. We need to align all our thoughts and feelings, just like a laser light is aligning all the photons, in the same direction.

When you practice aligning the energy of your thoughts and feelings, they will have the power to create the kind of results you intend to have.

Deal with the negative emotions, negative self-talk or doubts by utilizing a type of self-hypnosis or similar Quantum transformative method which helps you to redirect and transform your negative energy into its positive wish fulfilled. There are many different techniques in order to address negative emotions.

But one thing is sure:

You will need to address and transform your negative and contradictory thoughts and emotions, in order to achieve your positive goals. The wonderful thing is that negative emotions will show you the way into your fulfilled future and become your allies.

5) And last but not least, practice your connection to your own innermost soul and your connection to the Divine. The universe is listening, in whatever way you can imagine that there is a greater force, you can communicate with it.

The universe is waiting for you.

Ilona Selke is an international, multiple times bestselling author, and has been teaching Living from Vision techniques to create successful lives since 1989. Her latest book is called DREAM BIG – THE UNIVERSE IS LISTENING

You can test-drive the powerful Living from Vision on-line course at this website – https://www.thriiveonline.com/

“The New Year – The New You” – What are the most common NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS?

I just read a new study about NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS!

Do you know what most people choose for the New Years Resolution! Have a look here at this chart!

Is this you too?

Most people choose physical goals, like hoping to eat better, to exercise more and to save money!

As you know I’m in the business of helping people realize their live’s purpose, to live their dreams, and that is part of our vision and mission of our company LIVING FROM VISION which my husband and I started in 1987.

Here is what I think about New Years Resolutions:

New year’s resolutions often have to do with hoping to change some very fundamental stubborn behaviors, which people have a hard time getting over.

HOWEVER, most people fail at that. That is not news!

BUT did you know that we do much better when we think of achieving several smaller goals?

By setting specific goals, like how much and what kind of exercise you are going to do, you are more likely to succeed.

AND we can focus on our goals again and again throughout the year, and not only for the first two weeks in January!

Goals can be set throughout the year and can change over the years, depending on whether and how much of your goal you have managed to manifest.

What GOALS and NEW YEAR’s RESOLUTIONS have in common is that people wish to evolve, to change, to improve.

The New Year brings us to a cyclical same point in time at a new level.
It offers us a chance to review and to compare our evolutionary progress.

I see that the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs often applies to people’s goal-setting and their new year’s resolution.

The areas in which people have already manifested mastery, becomes the bases for the next level of gpoals which will lead to the next level of mastery.

In other words, people who master the physical  survival issues, inlcuding health and exercise and money, they then tackle the next level of creative expression.

The next level beyond creative expression is self-actualization and development of the higher functions of being human.

In Living From Vision we help people set their goals throughout the year
and stick with their goals, and not just make it a onetime New Year’s Resolution that usually lasts about two weeks.

The important part about resolutions and goal setting is that we stay with them.

Repetition as the name of the game of success in regards to resolutions.

These are the areas most people choose their goals in (in this ascending order)

  • Health,

  • Wealth

  • Good living environment

  • Finding love

  • Finding meaningful expression usually related to work

  • Being a contributing factor to the well being of all

  • Self-actualization, spiritual evolution

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The Power of Visualization – An Interview with Ilona Selke

Deborah: When did you start to realize the power of visualization?

 Ilona: Before I realized the power of the imagination, I was inspired to learn about it.

Television series such as I Dream of Jeannie, and the fairytale, Aladdin and the Wonder Lamp riveted my attention as a child. Although we did not have a television at home when I was a child, and I still don’t, my grandparents had one.


Let me digress a little first. The stories we choose to fill our minds with when we are children have a huge impact on our life’s path. Whatever we focus on when we are children, often become our ideals, influencing our life’s choices.


I’m very grateful that in the sixties, we had gentler movies and more benign stories than the ones children are bombarded with nowadays. The images and ideals that children see in this modern day can be very dangerous. Shooting, and warlike behavior are being fostered in children as if to prepare them for such a life, whether it’s movies, apps or Game Boys. These images and emotions direct the children’s mind to set goals unconsciously, becoming real when they reach adulthood. We have yet to fully understand these influences.


I began to realize the power of visualization when I was around ten years old. I figured out that when I focused attention on something I did not want, I ended up getting it!


To prove my theory, I focused my attention of not wanting a bicycle for Christmas. As I expected, I received a bicycle for Christmas. Although I told the universe I did not want the bike, I visualized the bike in the process. Later I understood that we get what we focus our attention on. It does not matter whether or not we put a huge “not” in front of the item we are focusing on.


Deborah: How did you start using the power of visualization with children?


Ilona: As I grew older, I read about yogis who have supreme powers of the mind, and how they utilize these methods through meditation. I also studied psychotherapy techniques that utilize imagery exercises to solve problems.


When I started teaching seminars at the age of 30, children also came. Later I was asked to guide children in the use of their imagination.


I remember so clearly the moment when a little girl who was mute, first started to speak. I had asked the children to visualize their Place of Peace, and to connect with their Ideal Self. The girl’s grammar school teacher who attended the session, wanted me to stop asking questions of this little girl. The teacher had never had any results herself, and did not want to burden the child.  When I asked the girl about her experiences from the guided imagery, the girl started speaking, whereas she had never talked before. I could feel that she had an answer and was ready to speak.


All I needed was to be patient enough for her articulate the first word from her lips. She said “blue.” That was the beginning for her. From then on, she started talking and hugging people again in her life.


Deborah: How does it help children who have different ways of being?


Ilona: Many children who are very sensitive need attentive parents. Giving space allows children with gentler natures to express themselves.


When teachers and parents slow their minds down to enter an imaginary world, to enter the multidimensional world, they start developing the capacity to listen to the children from the inside out.


By slowing down, we give children the time they need to fully express themselves. When children feel understood with their multidimensional experiences, they feel safe to open up to others.


Deborah: Please give a couple of examples.


Ilona: One time I gave a guided imagery exercise to a number of teenagers in Germany. I asked the children to connect with their Place of Peace, as well as with their Higher Selves. I asked them to commune with the higher part of themselves to get answers for their lives. One of the children was deeply moved by the end of the session. She connected with the Higher Self of her boyfriend, who was using drugs. The Higher Self of her boyfriend told her how much he needed her help.


This information alone gave her the strength not to follow the same road as her boyfriend. It gave her the realization that the higher part of him wanted to stop drugs and needed her help.


Guiding children to hear their inner voice, gives them the capacity to strengthen their own sense of right and wrong. Developing the ability to listen to one’s own conscience is paramount in evolution. If we rely on law or external forces to keep us on the “right” road, we don’t truly become evolved souls. We need to listen to our own inner voice. Guided imagery is a way to access this higher dimension within ourselves.


There was another child who was afraid of being on a train by herself. Unlike India, trains in Germany are quite safe. However, this little girl didn’t feel safe. She used some of the techniques I wrote in a book for children, called, Aline learns to use his imagination. Instead of avoiding her fear, she allowed it to guider her in what she really needed. Through the process of communicating with the fear inside of her, she realized she had the need to feel strong and safe. After her own internal processing, she travelled on a train with confidence and a sense of safety. Now at the age of 30, she recalls this as being a pivotal changing point in her life!


When we use imagery, we not only create changes in our emotional body, but also in the real, external world. The connection between our imagination and actualizing it in our reality is the least understood in our modern world! Our imagination creates holographic resonance patterns that then become the blueprint for our external reality.


Deborah: How does it help all children?


Ilona: Accessing higher parts of ourselves gives us a guidance system from within. When children learn to communicate with their negative emotions, they empower themselves from the inside out.


Dr. Vernon Wolf developed a technique called Holodynamics that helped many teenager overcome drug additions during the 1980’s. Dr. Bobby Barnes used these same techniques as well to help a group of at-risk children that were about to drop out of school. After two months of this visualization, the children were back to scholastic standings.


Deborah: Please share with us anything else you would like us know about visualization.


Ilona: Visualization is a tool to help us create a better life, to turn problems into solutions, to create positive emotions out of negative emotions, and to help us achieve our goals.


Beyond being a tool, the imagination is truly a portal into higher dimensions. It allows us to go beyond the logical, rational, and linear mind to create the miraculous.


The imagination is a function of the higher mind and consciousness that is located outside and beyond the physical body. It lies beyond the confines of our brain and logical mind.


Learning to use methods of visualization not only helps us to become psychologically better equipped, but to become spiritually more evolved beings.


I know of children who learned this method when they were three to six years old. They are now living a spiritually integrated life. They understand how the higher functions of their consciousness create their reality in what we call Life on Earth.

The imagination is truly a backdoor for our spiritual evolution.

 Ilona Selke is an author, seminar teacher, and musician who was born in the Himalayan Mountains to her German parents in 1961.

Her book  ALIN LEARN TO USE HIS IMAGINATION is now a bestseller book in Germany.

It helps children access their visualization abilities, and assists them to solve their emotional problems and uplifts their self esteem.




Is the universe really listening?

What you think the chances are that there is a greater force that is actually in touch with our innermost thoughts? Have you ever seen one of your thoughts being responded to by what appears to be an invisible force? Like maybe you were wishing for a parking spot and you got one?
However, if that were true, if there really were a higher force that was listening in, wouldn’t it be the most phenomenal discovery of reality!

With the advancement of artificial intelligence and virtual reality programming, a hot debate has been afoot, and people are starting to like in our physical reality to our latest metaphor: THE MATRIX.

Even the developer of the Tesla car has been saying that he believes we likely live in a simulation.

However, the description as to what reality is has changed according to our latest discoveries for the last few 1000 years.

Each new advancement fraught with it a new worldview.
Each new worldview opens new doors. Just think of how circumnavigating the planet would’ve been impossible without the conception that our earth was round.

Do you ever feel like you would really like to have a guide on your hand that shows you around, and gives you the 101 of how the universe operates were and operating Manual!!!

It is easy to get lost in all the many possibilities of how the universe functions.

After all, not even our best physicists can give us an answer.
Many stories abound of mystical experiences, of magical feats, which are superseding the laws of physic’s space and time abound.
But whom do we believe? Maybe they are just stories?

We’re trying to make sense of the universe and each time we expand our horizons, we have to update our communally held beliefs.

In the olden days, the gods were feared and humans had no control over the natural forces. Instead of understanding the weather patterns, the gods were conjured up to be responsible for each of the elements.
Agricultural communities feared the higher forces and made offerings and even sacrifices to these Nature Gods because they needed the cooperation of rain, wind, and the sun.

And the age of enlightenment, at the end of the dark ages, humans discovered more and more of the laws of physics, and the Gods were starting to be get displaced, and humans imagine themselves to be living in a world, which was increasingly logical and predictable.

In the postindustrial age in which we are currently in, a new hunger and thirst have arisen to understand the forces that lay just beyond the visible universe.

Despite the fact that the natural laws seem to be calculable, we instinctively know that something else is going on.

The universe is much more mystical and mysterious, and many of us that have been on the path of discovering the power of consciousness have already realised that we are more than just a cog in the wheel of our industrial grandfathers.

At this very moment in time we have humans that believe that everything is inhabited by spirits or that everything is alive, we have those that believe in a single God (Monotheistic) we have some that think that scientific laws are all that there is and that the emergence of a conscious being such as a human happened simply by chance.

How do you find your way through this Morass of possibilities?

My answer is: EXPERIMENT

Find out the answers yourself.

The magical power of the universe is such that you can actually prove to yourself that thoughts influence reality.
If thoughts affect things at a distance for example, which there is so much Scientific Data and research at this point that supports that, some of which I recite in some of what logs and in my books, then we already know that we’re not living in a mere physical universe.

If indeed you have observed in your life that you can focus on something and it either happens, or you can create something, you already know from your own personal experience, that this universe in some way is actually listening.

Becoming proficient at the skill, communicating with the higher force, discovering your own higher state of consciousness, that all takes time and training and can be experimented with.

Over time you can prove to yourself that your thoughts, your own frequencies, your own beliefs for a shape and the fact the reality that you are surrounded by.

And it doesn’t take you believing anything.

It is not something you have to take blindly.

It is something you can experiment with. And prove to yourself.

This is why I wrote the book DREAM BIG – The Universe Is Listening
The book is full of absolutely true stories, from small to large miracles, that I or my students experience.

In the book, you will read some techniques and methods by which you can dive deeper into the mystery of the universe that is interactive.

We’re living at a time when scientists and logical thinking has been her role that has the final solution to the cumbersome life of our ancestors who cowered in front of the forces of nature.

But even physicists cannot adequately describe some of the irregularities in their experiments.

Our scientists are trying to discover the smallest building block of the universe. They’re trying to understand what gravity is.

But can you imagine them discovering that consciousness is at the root of it?

And if consciousness is at the root of it and your conscious focus interacts with the physical universe, what do you think is really going on?

I would love to hear from you and read your explanations. Post them here if you’d like. I will review it and permit all serious replies.

And here comes the clincher:
Depending on your ability to believe something, it appears that it will prove itself to be true. At least in your own universe.
So choose wisely.



Is YOUR universe listening?


Tell me your story of an experience where the universe was listening to you!
And if you feel that the universe is listening, why do you feel or think that this can be?

All serious answers will be posted!
If you have some good comments, or stories, I may want to add your comments into my PODCAST

If choosen, you can send me some short audio clips which I will then include in my Postcast with the same title! Please email me at: <ilona(at)ilonaselke.com


Quantum Foam and how to connect to the Source

Dream Big Summit – Ilona Selke Part 1

This interview is part of the DREAM BIG SUMMIT, interviewed by Ilona Selke.

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Further information about Ilona Ilona Selke can find at:

Dream Big Summit – Ilona Selke Part 1

This interview is part of the DREAM BIG SUMMIT, interviewed by Ilona Selke.

You can get the ALL ACCESS PASS to the DREAM BIG SUMMIT with a total of 66 interviews for $97 USD by clicking here:

Further information about Ilona Ilona Selke can find at:

The Dr. Pat Show: with Author Ilona Selke


From Stephen Hawking’s theories on time travel to recent study of performance in athletes when they envision and experience their success prior to achieving it physically, the idea  that we are affecting outcomes with our focus, events and things that exist outside of us in the ‘real world’ and outside of the ‘current moment’ has begun to inch its way into mainstream consciousness.

But how do we take it from theory into practice? How can the everyday person who is not a scientist or a professional athlete hone their ability to create a better future for themselves and the world?

International bestselling author, seminar leader, lecturer, musician and dolphin whisperer Ilona Selke is opening the door for people of all ages and experience levels to begin the practice of self-betterment and global stewardship through her new book Dream Big: The Universe Is Listening.

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