• DREAM BIG Summit – Ripples into Infinity Inspired by Dolphin Consciousness.

    Creating a Better Life for Yourself and the Planet.


    Shall I or shall I not? I had just received an email where I had to make a fundamental choice: Stick to my ethics or go for publicity.

    I had been asked to participate in a dolphin summit because years ago I had written a bestseller book on dolphins called, Wisdom of the Dolphins. I had been speaking at a number of conferences about dolphins, telepathy, their power to heal, and the healing effects dolphins have had on handicapped children. All of my research had been with dolphins in the wild.

    I had been invited to speak at this dolphin summit, HOWEVER there was one condition: I was asked not to say anything negative whatsoever about swimming with captive dolphins.

    All of my research I have done has been with dolphins in the wild and this gag order not to speak up against captivity went against my ethics. I wanted to stay in integrity and not just jump in the Summit and say anyhow what I thought. That could have been done. A backstab of sorts, but I keep my words, so I passed up on the opportunity.

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    A True Story About The Power Of Imagination.


    He slammed the chain onto the table. “What are you doing with my little brother?”

    A tattooed 20-year-old was towering over the summer-school teacher. Going over some paperwork at her desk, she had not noticed him coming in.

    “If you’re messing with my little brother, you going to have to deal with me!” he hammered his words at her.

    The younger brother he was referring to was one of the at-risk-kids that had been given a second chance. During summer-camp he was going to participate in a special education program which was going to employ new methods to help him get back on the right path.

    Threatening to be a drop-out high school kid, he was invited to the program led by Bobby Barnes for two months during summer camp.

    She looked up at the 20-year-old tattooed young man who was towering over her and looked him straight in the eyes. She said “What do you really want? “

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