From Trash to GratitudeJanuary 14, 2016

And you may wonder how LFV can help you solve your daily problems?
Just four days ago, sitting here in Bali at our Retreat Center, SHANGRILA (  in our Heaven on Earth, I was in tears!

The winter rains had brought down tons of trash from the mountains and villages. The mostly dry riverbed function for most Balinese as their trash-drop-of-place.

Naturally when the rains come, the water rushes the massive amount of  trash downhill, into the ocean.

Really it is not much different than what the rest of the world does! Like New York, which until 1934 used to take BOAT LOADS of trash and dumps it further down in the ocean! The rest of the world still does! WATCH HERE and if you want to get an idea, watch videos, and help!

BUT here I was, in my paradise in Bali, and no one was willing to clean the rive with the little amount of money that we can muster up here. We had been already spending  up to 1000 USD per year on cleaning the river bed next door, taking care of trash, that wasn’t ours, and cleaning the street that leads to Shangrila, which under heavy rains, look just like the rivers!

Four days ago, hope seemed out of reach. People wanted more and more money to clean our neighboring riverbed, sensing that they had us by the nose! I had been looking for new people to clean the river bed for over a month, as the previous person wanted more and more money.
Don and I felt like running!

AND THEN!!!! I recalled the most important tool I ever practiced: DREAMING REALITY INTO BEING.

After a day of despair, I resorted to the one and only solution:

MEDITATION and Working From The Inside Out!

Just within minutes of sitting at our clean beach, which our gardeners graciously keep clean, I got into a reverie. I recalled the most important teach: LIFE IS BUT A DREAM!

Yet, unable to ignore the trash further down the beach as I sat down to meditate this morning,  I felt the despair settling in again.

Yet, knowing that I had to go and solve my issue from the inside out, I went to my place of peace, a beautiful clean beach, and I recalled all the steps to manifesting: 

  1. Get clear on what you want!
  2. Envision it fulfilled!
  3. Feel it fulfilled!
  4. See a metaphor representing your goal fulfilled and LET GO and LET GOD!

YES! It felt good to feel the end-result as if already manifest!

DESPITE OUTER APPEARANCES, I managed to pretend for a moment to be in my IDEAL FUTURE.

Finally, I couldn’t sit still though! I got up, and walked over to the pile of plastic being swept back and forth by the gentle waves on my neighbors part of the beach. One by one, I picked up the trash, gathered it and moved it further up onto the beach for collection later on hopefully by his employee.

It may have been a useless undertaking in view of the immensity, but that is all I could do. I could not sit still and just dream.

All this while, a Balinese young man had watched me! I had known him for over 10 years, playing guitar at various retreat centers around here. He asked me offhandedly if he could help me, and I told him to get my neighbor’s gardener.

When they both came back, they started helping me! I thought I was dreaming!


This young man asked me if I needed more help!

OH YES! I said instantly and half jokingly! I explained him my misery. Within minutes he agreed to find people to help out, and to collect the trash from the riverbed of about 150 Meters. For a fee of course, but one that I felt I wanted to afford.

We also donate to schools and train children to separate trash, how to compost, and learn about the dangers of trash order to address the deeper issues and start the re-education of the young Balinese.

So cleaning the river bed is mostly so that we all can have the visual beauty that tourists hope to see. But it is vital to me and all our valued guests here!

This day I felt again, how LIVING FORM VISION helped me solve my most dire problem at the moment.

When there was no way out, I envisioned the fulfilled future.

I know it is a long term project, and it will take decades of working on it.

But today my beach is clean and I got help when I thought all help was lost!

I have been sending blessings and prayers of gratitude to the universe and the kind Balinese who helped me in this dire situation! From DREAD and TRASH to GRATITUDE! YES!

Live works!

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