Have you heard of Artificial Intelligence?November 15, 2016

Have you heard of Artificial Intelligence?

Outside of the view of most of us the SUPER COMPUTERS are on the march! Self learning computers, nanotechnology, and cyborg technology are going to be something we will be having to think about in the near future.


Fast-forward the fact that they are already training people in how to handle human emotional issues with the fact that they are bonded to ROBOTS and you might see where I'm heading!


Being human may require a new definition soon. What is your definition of being human?

Or shall I ask you this question: WHO ARE YOU?

Our human condition may change, we may get faster brains, but what is it that makes you YOU. And what defines your consiousness.

Some of our leading scientists actually believe that consciousness is something you can transfer into a computer. The TRANS-HUMAN movement believes that longevity or immortality lies in the transference of our thoughts and personality into some database. Having a douplicate of your thoughts, let's say a CHATBOT that has your cadence, our logic, your signature, WOULD THAT BE YOU?


Now you probably wouldn't be reading this were part of that movement. Most likely you either have a hunch or certain knowing that you are way more than your body, your thoughts and your personality combined.

Now many of my readers here will probably adhere to the believe that our SOUL rather than your personality, or your particular physiology.

Could you tell me where your SEAT of YOUR SOUL is?

Would you, with absolute certainty, be able to connect to the source of my soul? Would you know when you had made contact with my SOUL's COURT?

In our daily lives we often times are just responding to all the demands put on us, and rarely take the time to train the part of us that has access to the subtler dimensions, which exists beyond the physical or mental expression of ourselves.


But since we are on a training ground here called Life on Earth, many people are not exactly sure how to get in touch with that part of themselves yet, at least not with a 100% certainty. Most people don't have control over their thoughts, let alone the subtler realms of soul awareness.

If you wish to awaken from the slumber of being simply a bio-computer with predictable thoughts, and somewhat predictable emotions, and a somewhat predictable genetic evolution, join me in the passage of moving from being a Homo sapiens into the Homo Divinicus. (Okay I made that word up)

if we wish to remain masters in the future, we will have to have an upper edge on computers. Computers might be able to synthesize new information based on old data but they cannot. In the eyes and meet your SOUL.

If you know how it feels like peer into the soul of another being, you will know whether a robot is staring at you or a real life conscious being.

This might sound like science fiction, but if you even just take a look superficially at what television and movies have to offer you can see where our future is headed. Stephen Hawkins  the renowned British theoretical physicists and Elon Musk who put PayPal on the map, who put space X rockets into the atmosphere as well as Tesla cars on the road both of them, talk about the advent of A I with great dread.

Ilona masks believes we have to become cyborgs in order to meet the challenge of the dominance of Artificial Intelligence in the near future.

However, I'm merging all of us to take our EVOLUTION seriously and put our foot solidly on the ground of consciousness.

All mastery begins with simple steps. It requires daily attendance to the subject which you wish to master.

I would recommend that you make it a daily habit to turn inward, to activate your CONSCIOUSNESS, the part of you that goes beyond the mind.


You can do this easily in just 12 minutes every day with the living from vision morning at. We provide audio exercises that guide you gently into finding that part of yourself, your higher self.


By learning how to focus your mind, buy in training your INNER SELF you will find your way step-by-step.


Indicates to come it might view of crucial value for to realize that we live in a holographic universe that interacts with your consciousness. PROVIDED you have TRAINED your CONSCIOUSNESS.


This universe operates according to Newtonian physics, according to laws of cause and effect a lot of the time. However when you have managed to master your FOCUS you can then start interacting with the microscopic universe at deeper and more refined levels and direct the show of your life with your consciousness.


Quantum physics has proven to us that the microcosm is not governed by the same laws as the macrocosm. This means you have to train your consciousness who such micro levels that you can have ACCESS to the MICRO-LEVELS of the UNIVERSE.


Are you ready?


People can create miracles and magic on a daily basis once they've trained their mind and consciousness to do so.


Would you like to join that movement?

Then start today, and click on this link: www.livingfromvision.com

Take a look at the Living From Vision course, take a look at the many little short videos that explain how this course works, and take your first step.


Warmly yours Ilona Selke



I just finished my 5-Week "Living from Vision" Online course and it was really fantastic! I rarely had so much fun and always was so much looking forward to the next exercises.
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