Letters to Ilona: How do I set my goals around wealth consiousness!April 23, 2016

Hi Ilona,

I heard you on Soul Talk today. Thank you for your talk!!!!! I am taking the LFV course and reading your book -.

Can you help me with this? I would like to confirm that my reasons for wealth and financial freedom are strong enough.

1. Wealth is expansion and freedom.

2. It is already done.

3. Wealth is a choice and I choose to perceive my hologram with plenty of money to live my lifestyle, invest, and share/serve others.

4. I chose to observe wealth consciousness in my life now to play, travel, provide a happy and comfortable life for my daughter and family, and meet my healthy true gentleman husband.

I really appreciate your help and support.

Much love, Kristin

Dear Kirstin

Thank you so much for writing me, and it is great that you're working with the LFV course.

You would like me to help confirm if your reasons for wealth and financial freedom are strong enough.

As you know with the LFV course you learn to create from the inside out.  Which means that you are utilizing the internal energy first to create an external result.

I look at our life here on Earth like a training ground for soul. As many world religions, Theosophical teachings metaphysical teachings and yogis have told us for eons, success and happiness come from developing a strong relationship to the Source of all things.

When we realize that  connection, (to paraphrase the Bible here) we discover that when we ask, we shall be given.

The Essenes had the fundamental approach to prayer, that when praying and asking for something, one was supposed to assume that it was already done. One was to feel as if one had already received the gift.

In the LFV course we go through this kind of training step-by-step, with psychological explanations as to how the universe works.

 In the LFV course we practice the correlation between what we focus on and what we get.

And the further one moves along one's path of evolution, the more one understands why the old Seers of India, the yogis and the prophets of the monotheistic religions in the West have described the physical world as the world of apparition, of illusion or MAYA.

In essence through life, we're learning to understand that life is not what it seems. Instead life response to our focus, and teaches us that we receive the fulfillment from the higher dimension, the realm of consciousness.

And all of the wisdom teachings teach the same fundamental aspects of creating reality:

  • you need to be very clear on what you want
  • you need to be able to connect with a higher source and create an internal dialogue with the inner realms.
  • you need to know that there is the support coming from this inner dimension.

In the end you will learn that you are the dreamer and the dream. But let us start out step by step.

Wishes and goals serve as our carrot to dive deeper into self realization. In the book Enlightenment by MSI it states so beautifully that it is not about getting rid of wishes, that we transcend matter, it is through the fullfillment. Not because the goals make us happy, but because we evolve naturally by fulfilling that which appears naturally on the screen of our mind, and heart.

For many people the power to co-create can be seen in the ability to manifest resources, and this is summarized in the word WEALTH.

Now let me reply to your specific questions, as well as look if you reasons for wealth and financial freedom are strong enough.

First let me look at your choices and make some suggestions:

You want to know when you arrive at your goal. Therefore you need to be specific enough for the universe to know what you mean.

1.) You wrote: WEALTH is expansion and freedom
It seems that WEALTH is your goal.
  You need to know what exactly it is that wealth and what freedom means to you.  We have all kinds of freedoms. A Queen may long for the freedom that comes with anonymity for example.

  • DEFINE what WEALTH means to you. Take your time, journal about it, brainstorm about it, do a collage of dream images on it. Work on it for a while, and discover all the many different nuances of meaning that this word holds for you.
  • Be very specific about your goals and describe exactly what you want. When saying you wish to go from New York to Paris, you know specifically where you want to go. You don't just say you want to go to Europe or Eurasia, or somewhere on planet Earth, you are specific. How would the universe know exactly what you mean by WEALTH?

2.) You wrote: "It is done"

Please remember that when you can feel the fulfilled feeling of your goal manifest 100% in your bones, when you can walk in side your movie, and feel the result as if it were fully realized, when you can truly feel it, that is when it is done. The rest of the work is up to the universe.

Practice this feeling of fulfillment for 5 minutes daily along with your LFV AM and PM audio exercises. The daily energizing exercise is probably the most important aspect to create this completed feeling within yourself.

You will be asked to energize your choices with the help of your AM and PM audio exercises either with the LFV App or the LFV Day Planner on your PC.

The universe needs us to give it a BLUEPRINT, a design of what it is that we want.  Here are the steps of energizing your choices:

  1. First DESCRIBE what you want
  2. Next IMAGINE your goal
  3. Spend time FEELING your wish in its fulfilled state
  4. And then give this feeling an image or a metaphoric expression
  5. Lastly LET GO and LET GOD to do the work

3.) You wrote: I chose to observe wealth consciousness in my life now, to play, travel, provide a happy and comfortable life for my daughter and family, and meet my healthy true gentleman husband.

Here you wrapped 4 goals into one line.

I would suggest that you break the last sentence down and define it into four individual goals. Then you can describe each goal in greater detail


  1. I am wealthy (describe what that means to you in detail)
  2. My lifestyle allows me to travel, and provided comfortable environment for my daughter and family. (describe and image exactly how much you would travel, what comfortable means, etc)
  3. I meet my husband (describe which qualities he has, what you feel like together)
  4. I have excess money to share with others (I took that from your choice # 3. Again describe if excess means 100 USD more or 1 Million USD to share.)


It is a good idea to address the underlying belief systems, to discover the needs and drives that motivate us, and even discover what positive beliefs we already whole.

We usually hold positive as well as negative believes, which we adopted from our family and our culture, and most of which we are not fully aware of.

Negative believes are abundant in our civilization around the world, such as: Power corrupts, money corrupts, money is dirty, etc.

I see that you want to associate WEALTH with the feeling of EXPANSION and FREEDOM. Be sure that its based on gut level feelings, and if there is anything in the way make sure you transform those feelings.

LASTLY you wrote the question if your reasons for wealth are strong enough.

We need to choose something that we are very passionate about, something we really, absolutely, want to do, be or have.

You will know within yourself as to whether youre really passionate about being wealthy. Is it something you wouldn't want to live without? Is there anything else that you would rather do?

In the book THINK AND GROW RICH it is said that the universe will ask us if we willing to do everything in order to get our wish. Are you willing?

Usually we will be presented with exactly the one thing we weren't so quite willing to do to prove our passion.

WEALTH may be such a passionate goal for you. When people say wealth, they usually imply a more radical departure from the usual levels of income and life style.

Be sure to describe your goal in specific terms. For some people wealth means USD 10,000 a year, for other people it means USD10,000 a day.

You can increase your sense of what is acceptable wealth in stages, as you grow in your life. That ensures that you grow organically. What feels right today may not be what you need tomorrow.

Anthony Robbins described WEALTH the following way: Having what you need when you need it.

WISHES become our LADDER for our EVOLUTION:

When doing the Living from Vision course you are in essence developing your manifestation skills.

Like a yogi, you are training your consciousness in effectively interacting with time-space. Our goals, wishes, dreams are like our carrots that move us along the ladder of mastering being fully awake, and to discover who we really are, to discover that the REAL SELF is beyond all forms of identity.

When we manage to be identified with the WHOLE, we find that time-space is but a dream fabric, one that allows us to experience and reflect in 3D what we hold in our hyper consciousness.

In the process of becoming a hyper-conscious being we learn to master the skill of how our thought- affect our 3D and internal reality.


A subconscious concern can be, that if you were rich, you would be asked to give your money to the needy friends and family members.

One of my Bali staff moved to Turkey and married a foreign husband, because she could not take the fact that her larger income which she was making in Bali with us, was expected to be shared by her family members. She felt that some were a bit too lazy to work, others just took it for granted that she would have to help and support her family members with whatever income she made.

This is less prevalent in our western society, however even within our family norms, when we start moving outside of the general norm of wealth consciousness of our peers and family members, we need to  do some inner work,  to be prepared to handle the potential challenges that come with this new level of wealth.

There are a number reasons why people hold back from becoming rich, or living a wealthy life style. And one of the reasons being that they wouldn't know how to say NO to the many requests they might encounter. They know that there might be many spoken or unspoken requests, and saying no might appear as being heartless.

Holding boundaries in regards to friends and family who might be in need could create such a challenge,so that a person would rather not have such abundance, in order not to have to say no.

Also we need to investigate how much difference from our family and tribe we can tolerate, and how much we feel is okay to surpass our parents, our aunts and uncles, our lineage in our achievements, wealth and capacity..

Having greater wealth than our family members, our peers of old, our identify that we have held so far, will set us apart and will require that we stand strong. It takes a strong soul to be different.

I would recommend working with an LFV coach, doing the Learning From Problems exercise, and to dive into the transformation of any negative believes around wealth and money and strengthening the positive beliefs.

I hope I've answered your questions in regards to your 4 choices that you are making for the LFV course.

With warm greetings from Bali…




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