Manifestation Techniques 101 all the way to HeavenOctober 12, 2015

Just today I received a very interesting letter from a LFV-participant, which I hear occasionally.

She was concerned about being too egotistic in her choices, and felt that there was a conflict in her when she focused on details and specific needs, instead of being more focused on the divine.

She wanted to make sure, that she was learning to manifest at the highest level, and was addressing her true desire to be aligned with the highest light, God.

Since there are so many teachings on the market on to HOW TO MANIFEST, and the concern she voiced was a valid one, I thought I’d write about the subject today.

People usually come to the Living from Vision course from various walks of life and various levels of evolution.

Some people have already studied quite a few different manifestation techniques, or have read books about it, and generally already know quite a bit about it. Some are proficient coaches or therapists themselves.

Other people come to the Living from Visioncourse after reading the book Wisdom of the Dolphins by Ilona Selke, or other books on the incredible miraculous nature of the universe.

Today I would like to explain to you how the same exact LFV course can addresses all the different needs of people: Those who are just starting out on their path of awaking, as well as those who are already advanced.

Although we would love to think that we are one blank slate when we arrived here on Earth, we are not.

Many studies on reincarnation have proven that we arrive on Earth with memories, wisdom and knowledge from previous lifetimes.

A great study on this subject can be found in this book: I have lived before! The True Story of Reincarnation of Devi Shanti

Mahatma Gandhi even was involved in ascertaining the absolute truth and diligent research of all aspects of this case. I highly recommend reading this book!

For some people the lessons of a previous life feel like a burden. For other people their gained wisdom is serving them now and they seem to be gifted with extra bonuses.

Can you imagine how a person who has been a monk or yogi in a previous life, may feel in this modern life?
Previous yogis and monks usually shine a divine luminous bright light in this life even, and yet they often find life on Earth a little bit disorienting if not outright challenging.

Some people gave vows in their past lives, yet they don’t recall what those vows were!
Most monks give a vow of poverty.
Yogis or Buddhists give a vow of not going further in their evolution until every single soul on Earth had reached Enlightenment.
That may prove challenging as a continuous stream of souls are coming in, while many graduate.

Unaddressed, those vows runs our lives, whether we know it or not.
It is time to move on, and to gain a more expanded understandings of being a spiritual being.

To previous monks and yogis relationships usually don’t come easily, working for money makes no sense, taking care of one’s own survival seems a chore, and yet they have this beautiful luminosity in their soul.

And then we also find people who come to the Living from Vision course who are the top managers, CEOs, who already made their millions, and now they want to develop more of their heart and their ability to create meaningful connections to their spouse and their children.

To those yogis and monks, life here on Earth may seem hard, and they might feel like they landed in the wrong place, or they wish they didn’t have to deal with the nitty-gritty of every day live. Yet, they did incarnate for some good reason down here on Earth!

To the top manager,
for whom creating money is easy, creating a deeply soul-filled and meaningful life, and deeply fulfilling human connections may seem to be the next real challenge.

For every single one of us, it is important to learn how to manifest OUR OWN NEXT STEP.
That may mean to work on deeper beliefs, which we hold, and it may mean that we learn how to create a more positive daily mental habit.

All of these techniques need to be practiced every day. This daily practice of seeing the future fulfilled, will bring more light into every thing we do.

And in time it will bring our divine light into all of our daily actions, into our work, and taking care of ourselves in harmony with our higher calling.

Some come to the Living from Vision course for the first time and wishing to learn the ABCs, the 101 of manifesting, and they will be guided by the step-by-step exercises of the LFV Course.

Others will find self-actualization, and living a life of purpose to be there next step.
Either way, people grow by using the Living from Vision course in incremental steps, and according to their inner capacity, each one of us will be reaching one step higher on our own path of evolution.

Whether we start with a very personal wish, aw we start working with our Higher Self, (we call it the Ideal Self) we will meet our Inner Guides, and from there on e start working with our purpose of our life.

As we keep practicing the secrets of manifesting, we naturally ascend into higher levels of relating to the universe and to the One source, God.

We all co-create reality all the time, we dream up our future, and learn as soul from our mistakes as well as from our achievements.

Whether we create consciously or unconsciously, co-create we will.
Some people start out with smaller goals, concrete physical desires, and that is perfect. Others have huge goals, physical goals, all are fine. We will ascend on our ladder of evolution naturally.

Just like in the Hierarchy of Needs as we learned from Maslow, it states, we must fulfill our basic survival needs, before we progress on to meet higher level growth needs. Once these needs have been reasonably satisfied, one then is naturally propelled to reach the highest level called self-actualization.

We always create, either via our subconscious mind, or via our intentional focus.
We carry within us many beliefs, desires, traumatic imprints from the past lives, or even some from this life.

Whether we like it or not, we carry imprints and beliefs from parental influences, as well from the ideals that our society holds, or suggestions and desires that arise from advertisements in regards to how we should look, feel or what we should have.

All of those programs, which are acting mostly unsupervised in our subconscious mind, do co-create our daily life.

In the Living From Vision course we learn to be guided by a higher force as we make our choices.
We first allow our intuition to form our wishes, physical or non-physical. Later we consult with our Higher Self, and later yet we practice connecting with our Inner Guides to start living a life of purpose.

Each time we do the Living from Vision course again, we dive deeper into our greater essence, and each time around we develop greater strength, abilities, and are able to express more of our true Soul’s light.

The good thing about the Living from Vision course is, that you can do the LFV-course over and over again.

Some people do the LFV-course thee times per year, saying that those are the best weeks of their year.
Some people do the LFV-course once a year, and some people simply keep listen to one of their favorite morning and evening audios that accompany the LFV-course.
My husband Don Paris, Pd.D. and I did that every single day for 15 years straight!

For those that are worried that their choices are too much directed by their ego, we simply suggest to surrender the wish to God and the Highest Good for All.
This is the perfect way to assure that whatever personal wish we might have, it is okayed by the divine.

We are here to learn how to interact, as conscious being, with consciousness expressed in form and thereby grow in our brilliance of our soul awareness.

The higher we’re capable of opening our vessel /diamond of our soul to the Source, the more we can hold a much vaster time space matrix within the wings of our awareness. Thus we gain mastery over time-space and evolve as souls on our journey home.

And all this does not need be complicated!
Indeed the secret lies hidden in doing the daily steps that help us learn and practice, no matter which level of proficiency we have already arrived at.

The Living from Vision course teaches us a way to learn the process of how to consciously interact with matter, and in the process we are purifying our core presence (Soul) in what appears 3-D density.

All of life is simply condensed consciousness.
And ultimately, there is only One Source, and only one direction that we can go.

Therefore the LFV course offers people from all levels of evolution how to interact with consciousness in the time space matrix in 3-D.

It may be the most hidden secret, but life on Earth is like being in a school, where we become increasingly more luminous and potent beings.

Don and I also offer various other series of seminars and different modalities of learning of how to interact with life as a conscious being.
Each tool in turn helps the student to focus their soul’s light at greater greater levels, and naturally thereby becoming a greater vehicle of service.

We offer the Living from Vision course, Radionics, or seminars on past life regressions, or the Tracking Methods, developed by Dr. Vernon Wolf as Holodynamics, and through our Soul Awareness Training. seminars.

However most people need to start by step-by-step learning how to make their life work. That is why the LFV-course is the best to start out with.
And as we grow, so does the LFV course. And the more we grow the more we are feeling the desire to be in alignment with the Highest for All, and with the One Source.

Precise dreaming something into existence is sort of like learning a particular art-form down here on Earth, like drawing, or learning how to play the piano.

We don’t simply just splatter color on the paper and say it was divine will, or we don’t just run our fingers over the piano and say it was divinely inspired.

We learn step-by-step the techniques to play and eventually graduate to fly into the creation of symphonic and divine music.

People who grow with the LFV course, over 10 years let’s say, find themselves taking the Living from Vision course to their own new next levels over time.
All our needs and steps are equally important and we can all manifest our wishes with integrity and alignment to the Source or God, or the All-That-Is.

Their access to their inner highest self or how and what they manifest evolves over time.That’s the beauty of it.

We are continuously growing souls and leaning to bring more light and love onto this Earth or this plane of existence is the task at hand.


I just finished my 5-Week "Living from Vision" Online course and it was really fantastic! I rarely had so much fun and always was so much looking forward to the next exercises.
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