QUESTIONS by CAROLEOctober 28, 2015

Hi Iona

Could I ask you a quick question.

I am busy reading your book “Wisdom from the Dolphins”.
I would like to know what happens to our loved ones if we change universes.

Are they still in their version of the universe or do they shift with us.
Do we experience the same people differently depending on which dimension we are in.

Are we still in all dimensions even though we are consciously in a new version of our universe?

I am just wondering what happens when we create something new, to those around us. Thank you for your insights.

With love


Dear Carol

Thank you so much for your question, it’s a very valid one.
Will everyone around me change with me, when I have a vision I want to manifest.

There really are two sides to the answer:

First of all, everything is a reflection of ourselves, so the changes you make will usually reflect themselves in the changes outside of you.

Secondly, the changes you will make may entail that some of the faces that are no longer in resonance with your new reality, may change.

In other words, different people may become new players in your world. Players, more in resonance with you, more suited to your new dream.

As long as you’re willing to allow that change to happen you will experience the fulfillment of your vision and dreams

However if you want particular people in our life to still be there, even when they don’t share the same dream, you may encounter slight difficulties.

And again, we all have different values and sometimes we want to grow, and yet stick it out so to speak with our mate/partner for example, no matter what the cost.

Our partner may change, as they are the perfect reflection of our inner dreaming mind. Like my husband used to remind me: “Remember, I am a reflection of your inner beliefs, just make me into an Angel!” So I did! That was fun!!!!

It is an amazing universe, everything shifts according to how we shift.

We are all vibrations in an interlocking puzzle that are in perfect resonance with each other.

In other words, as you change, so will the world around you change as well.
As the adage says: As you shout into the forest, the forest will shout back to you.

But what happens with family members, of one pursues their dreams:
Let’s say you have children and a husband, and you wish to live somewhere in Tahiti or somewhere comparable.
Maybe your children are still in school, your husband still has a job.
This is an scenario I am taking from a real life experience of one of our LEV-participants in Germany.

Let’s just say, additionally to your deep desire to live an island lifestyle, you also dearly hold the values of being together with your family and honoring them first and foremost.

As you may well know, we manifest everything according to our deeper values and beliefs.

Having said that, as you continue holding your vision, you might find that people and things will rearrange themselves to fit into your vision.

The LFV participant I mentioned earlier had her dream come true in two years time, exactly when it was in perfect timing with everyone in her family.
Always ask for the Highest for All concerned, and the best will manifest in harmony.

Here is my personal experience with an impossible dream:
A long time ago I used to imagine that Don and I would have a Retreat Center. I could see it happen, however when I told Don about it, he had no inclination towards my vision whatsoever.

Moreover at that time, there was no way in the world that we could afford to build a center like that. We were living in Hawaii at the time.

Nevertheless, another friend of mine kept asking me about this desire, and we joked about it coming true often. I told him: “Some day…some day…!”

Five years later my husband and I happened to be in Bali on our way to look at an Ashram in India, where had been asked to co-teach, as someone suggested for us to look at a house for sale on the North-shore of Bali.

Looking at that house in Bali just once, instantly we felt like it was our Home.
Regardless of our intended life in India, where we were going to live at an Ashram and teach there, we decided to buy this house on Bali instead.

A few years later, one step added to another and our Retreat Center Shangrila built itself almost as if guided by unseen hands, (
It was years later, when the time was right, the price was right, everything lined up perfectly and built itself as if guided by a higher force.

Years later I found that at age 24, in 1885, I had written up the vision on one of my homework assignment for a future vision of mine. I had totally forgotten that I had had this vision so long ago

So do hold the vision, know that everything and everyone around you will be guided to be in the right place at the right time.

And as always: Ask for the higher source to adjust your plan according to what is highest for you and everybody involved.

I hope this answer was useful to you

With loving blessings

Yours Ilona

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  1. Thanks so much Ilona. That does help a lot and gives me a lot to think about. It will really help me as I start your course. Thanks for sharing those examples too.

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