Listed are the posts for May 2011.

DolphinNews & Links

Here you can find a lot of links for your information about Dolphins that we will update from time to time:

HORMONES and your physical, mental & emotional health

Suzanne Somers has brought groundbraking information on issues such as menopause, and anti-aging in her amazingly well researched books and appearances to the public. Most doctors still only prescribe patented hormones, not bio-identical hormones for women going through menopause. Many women I have guided toward Suzanne Somers research have told me how much their lives […]

Give what you want to receive

Just yesterday I was reading this message somewhere: When you are feeling needy, or feeling like you are not getting what you want, start giving what you want to receive. How I love to be reminded. And how true this statement is!

Trusting GOD – A good excercise

This is a beautiful and simple slide- show to remind you to relax and trust: It is good to sit back some times, to rethink what is going on, to feel what suptle pressures are stored within one’s body. We can bring to our awareness that which is fragmented, as long as then we […]

FLIPPER’s Trainer turned Activist

Marine Mammal Specialist, Earth Island Institute Richard O’Barry has worked both sides of the dolphin street, the first 10 years with the dolphin captivity industry, the past 38 against it. Working back in the 1960s for Miami Seaquarium, O’Barry captured and trained dolphins, including the five dolphins who played the role of Flipper in the […]