BIO of Ilona Selke

Ilona Selke is an international author, seminar leader, lecturer, and musician. She has inspired thousands of people to co-create reality, to discover the power of a spiritual mind, in a practical way, and to live and manifest their dreams.

She has appeared on TV and on the Radio, and has been quoted in many books for the contribution of her inspirational work.


Ilona teaches seminars biannually in Germany and Switzerland, and annually in Florida, Bali, and on Hawaii in German and English.


She has also taught seminars in: America, Australia, India, England, France, Canada, Mexico, and Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan., and Bali.


Her first book Wisdom of the Dolphins, is about the magic of dolphins, the holographic universe and the power of our dream-time mind.

Her second book Alin learns to use His Imagination is a children’s book. It is very well loved among parents and therapists for its therapeutic value.

Her third book about Soul mates, Free Will, Destiny, Dolphins and shifting the Time Space Matrix called Dolphins, Love & Destiny with a subtitle Yoga of the Soul.

Ilona Selke was born in the Himalayas to German parents, and was raised the first three years in Afghanistan speaking Persian and German and moved to Germany at the age of three.

She moved to the U.S. at the age twenty for her studies in philosophy and comparative religion, where she met her husband Don Paris, Ph.D.

She continued her studies extensively in body-centered psychotherapy, Hakomi, Holodynamics, Radionics and alternative healing when they moved to Boulder Colorado, and later to their home in the Pacific Northwest.

Ilona and her husband are co-founders and directors of Living From Vision®, teaching personal growth seminars for the development of holographic problem transformation, and spiritualizing relationships.

They also have a body of international teachers for the Living from Vision® course, translated into four languages, which is being taught worldwide.

Together with her husband Don Paris, PhD. Ilona has built an inspirational Seminar Retreat Center on the Northshore of Bali by the name of SHANGRILA  ,as well as an additional SPA also called SHANGRILA in UBUD

To complement their dolphin research, they own a Dolphin Watch boat in Key West that offers people to observe and study dolphins in the wild.

Ilona Selke and her husband divide their time between their island homes: one in the Pacific Northwest and one on Bali.

Since 1991 Ilona Selke and Don Paris have studied the lives of dolphins in their natural habitats throughout the world. Through their natural skills, dolphins exchanged telepathic messages with her that form the basis for her book, Wisdom of the Dolphins and her third book Dolphins, Love & Destiny.

 Both books tell us about inspiring adventures about dolphins and their key message to humanity: Using our imagination to build a better world and to become multi-dimensional beings.

Ilona has been loved for her inspiration and practical solutions to spiritualizing one’s life and has appeared on TV and in Radio Interviews worldwide. She has been a favorite speaker at the Prophet’s Conferences. Her books are in print in four languages.

Previous books and publications in multiple languages are:

  •  Ø ‘Alin learns to use his imagination’ a book for children of all ages
  • Ø ‘Journey to the Center of Creation’ now pulished as “Wisdom of the Dolphins
  • Ø ‘Dolphin, Love and Destiny” a book on the power of multidimensional relationships
  • Ø 8 Guided Imagery Journeys CDs in two languages
  • Ø 6 Music CDs two of which are under contract with the Monroe Institute
  • Ø ‘Quantum Reality’ text and CDs in German only
  • Ø 8 DVDs on the use of imagery as a Self Study course in four languages
  • Ø 1 Dolphin DVD and narration
  • Ø 1 YOGA DVD
  • Ø She worked with Dr. Newton on the production of the Living From Vision® course; its translations, production
  • Ø Training of teachers for the Living from Vision® course worldwide. The course “Living From Vision®” is being taught in four languages in over a dozen countries around the world.

Ilona Selke’s first name means radiant and her family name can be traced to the Celtic myth about selkies, sea-dwelling mammals, usually a seal but sometimes a dolphin, capable of shape shifting into a human.  In one legend a selkie changes into a beautiful woman and has children with a man. Their children were able to see into the future and communicate telepathically with animals. One wonders then at Ilona’s own history and calling. In Australian aborigine mysticism it is believed that one is one’s name.  For Ilona Selke this certainly seems very close to the truth.

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