Listed are the posts for September 2013.

Bio-Identical Hormones

  Which women doesn’t go through it? The MENOPAUSE? The average age at which women are faced with some sign or another of menopause is somewhere in the 40s. Each person in each body is different, for some women it may start with vaginal dryness, with other women it may be night sweats, foggy thinking, […]

Aging – And Bio Identical Hormones

Suzanne Somers at age 65 Let’s face it, sooner or later all of us grow up and get older. Men and women alike will drop in their production of natural hormones, and the result set in. Yes, that is for both men and women…so keep reading. Mood swings, depression, sleeplessness, loss of sex drive, increased […]

10 Reasons why Dolphins are awesome

In my experimentation with Dolphins in the wild as well as with our boat Dolphin Watch in Key West Florida we have experienced all lot of amazing coincidences and events with Dolphins. Our boat the PATTY C used to have a captain back in 1986, who lets his dog swim with the Dolphins. The dog […]