Listed are the posts for August 2013.

Can Our DNA Electromagnetically ‘Teleport’ Itself?

Many people only know me (Ilona Selke only  through the books that I’ve written about Dolphins and the nature of the Holographic Universe and our Soul’s Evolution. The other part of my life has been the work with the SE-5, which Don Paris Ph.D., my husband and I discovered in 1987. RADIONICS has been […]

BLACKFISH: Q+A with the neuroscientist about Cetaceans

THIS IS A GREAT ARTICLE in found in THERAPTOR LAB: ORDER FILM AT ARTICLE AT:   Two weeks ago, I saw ‘Blackfish’, the fascinating new documentary about killer whales in captivity. Here’s the trailer. I enjoyed the movie, but it left me with questions. A lot of questions. Neuroscience questions. What makes whales […]

Are You Left or Right Brain Predominant?

I recently found this great test for you to see if you are right brain dominant or left brain dominant. Our ability to function either more intuitively, being poetic in our expression, artistic,  appreciating shape, being sensitive to internal processes etc. is not necessarily valued as highly as is our left brain thinking, our logical, […]

Simple Steps to Happiness – Interview with Ilona Selke   Discover The Secrets to Happiness: 21 Amazing Experts Share Simple Ways of How to be Happy Now! This interview is with the delightful Ilona Selke. This interview is outstanding. You will truly understand how to shift your feelings from negative to positive. You can apply this to feeling happy, finding your soul mate, […]