Interview with Ilona Selke by Karuna Magazin in India

Interview with Ilona Selke

Thank you Ilona for graciously taking the time to speak with Karun Light based in INDIA north of Bangalore, about your work with dolphins. We are honored to have you for our inaugural issue of the magazine.

How did dolphins become part of your healing work? Please describe your journey with them thus far.
My initial contact with the cetaceans was at a Sea World Aquarium in California, where various animals including dolphins are being made to perform tricks for the amusement of humans. Watching an Orca perform I had the overwhelming feeling that this being possessed a much vaster consciousness than we as a human race had commonly assumed about them thus far.

In the years hence, having been horrified at their captivity, I tried to seek out dolphins and whales 99% only in the wild, on their terms so to speak, to find out more about their true abilities. I first did this by attuning myself to the telepathic communications of dolphins, proving to myself that telepathic communication was a two-way street and was indeed possible. When my husband and myself were in the water with dolphins in Mexico, albeit in captivity, we imagined balls of light in various locations within the larger lagoon. Infallibly, after asking the dolphins inwardly, the dolphin would swim through the ball of light no matter where we positioned our imaginary ball of light in the water. It was projected through our mind only.

Later I brought adults and children in contact with wild dolphins, while continuing my research in telepathy.
I still take people to connect with dolphins underwater, in the wild annually, however the larger focus of my work now is on helping people to develop inner skills so we can take the evolutionary steps needed for us as a human to become more dolphin-like.

Please share with us your thoughts about dolphins and their influences on the Earth today and then and also about the influences that people have on dolphins.
People seem to be drawn to dolphins because I believe they sense that dolphins and cetaceans have greater abilities, a greater consciousness and that they can show us humans the way.
Over and over I see that once a person comes into the frequency-vicinity which cetaceans/ dolphins occupy naturally, meaning once a person raises their own frequency to a level where they start resonating in harmony with the vibration emanated by dolphins, they start to be interested in dolphins and whales. This is an archetypal phenomenon and seems to happen worldwide. In that sense the dolphins have an effect on humans long distance from the ethers, into the physical world, similar to inner masters or angels. They are calling us as if from a higher dimension, and once we get close enough to their vibrational range we can hear them and start seeking them out.

Globally speaking I think it’s the first time in our known human history that cetaceans have had a worldwide effect on humans, as if they are the Angels here on Earth beckoning us to evolve to a higher potential. Although already in ancient Greece dolphins were known to be the Angels of the Sea and were actually known to help shipwrecked people make it back to safety, it is possibly only in the last 20-40 years that Dolphins have gained such a worldwide recognition.

Since dolphins possess roughly a similar kind of brain mass to a human, (the smaller dolphin types, those which you might find in Hawaii called Spinner dolphins have about 900 g brain, and the larger dolphins called the Bottlenose dolphins have approximately 1500 to 1600 g of brain, which is comparable to the brain size of a human which is approximately 1200 gr.), they can be looked upon as cousins to our human species.

Since the dolphins possess cognitive, telepathic, and healing qualities that are being written about worldwide and are demonstrating abilities that are akin to those abilities of humans or even demonstrating greater abilities, dolphins are appearing currently a sort of midwife to humans/humanity. Like I said earlier, the frequencies that dolphins emit appeals to humans once they come to a certain level of consciousness within themselves. This may happen consciously or unconsciously, but when the human is ready the dolphins will appear. Dolphins seem to appeal to humans who are at the brink of becoming more conscious.

Part of the global effect dolphins are having on humans is not only the awakening to higher levels of consciousness, to higher levels of telepathic communion, but the study of the dolphins is also bringing about a question as to what is intelligence and what is consciousness.

Humans speak about animals for example such as dogs and cats as having telepathic abilities, and particularly in the US we have an increasing number of animal communication therapists who are able to communicate effectively with pets telepathically. They are able to create change in the animal’s behavior for the better.

But from my experience and what is being voiced worldwide now, is that the level of consciousness of dolphins far surpasses the ability of regular animals and it can be assumed that they possibly surpass ordinary human consciousness. In that sense in my mind I give them a different status than animals and I rather call the cetaceans a Being. There is discussion about giving cetaceans human rights so to speak.

As far as the effect that humans have on dolphins I would say that humans are still fairly selfish and greedy and therefore will go and capture dolphins to force them to perform healings on humans or perform entertaining tricks for the benefit of humans. It appears that dolphins know the places where humans have tumours, experience pain etc., and are able to apply their sonar to stimulate some kind of healing in the human.
In that sense the affect that humans have on dolphins is devastating. Dolphins are being killed massively in Japan, for example in the Cove of Taiji, partly to capture dolphins for export for the entertainment businesses which makes a fortune for the captors and partly to reduce the number of dolphins who represent a sort of  competition to the fisherman near Taiji.

There is however hope and many people, for example Ric O’Bary, the original dolphin trainer who trained the TV dolphin called Flipper, are now dedicating their life’s work to help protect dolphins, such as in Japan in the Cove of Taiji. They work to create sanctuaries and keep the military from using the deadly low-frequency sonar, in order to protect dolphins and whales, so that we may learn from them.

There is much research with dolphins that has not reached the masses such as the fact that dolphins have been able to mimic human language but up to this point humans have not decoded the dolphin’s sonar. The latest research shows that most likely the dolphin sonar is equivalent to a moving picture show, with which can transport moving images with meaning.
So in the human community there are those that understand, respect and revere the dolphins and will protect or work to protect their wild habitat and only encounter them on the dolphin’s terms.
On the other side there are those humans that wish to use whatever they can and whoever they can for their own benefit.

What do dolphins have to teach us about life and the Universe?
Two things come to my mind: First: that we are multidimensional beings, and we can connect with each other over large distances despite physical boundaries and commune with one another. We can live with our feet here on Earth and with our spirit in the Heavens. And on the other hand we can learn that a being can have a large consciousness and not be so occupied with doing, with physically creating but instead place larger emphasis on a high level of social order, an exchange of love and light frequencies and higher mental powers.

Secondly: and this comes from the book Pictures in a Dolphins Mind by Frank Robson, that what you put out is what you get. The frequency you use to look at the world is the frequency you can perceive in this world. The world around you will appear to you exactly as you expect it to.
When a trainer approaches a dolphin as a dumb animal, that dolphin will respond perfectly in kind. However when a trainer can utilize high levels of telepathy, the dolphin will also be able to respond equally intelligently. For example when the dolphin is given a sequence of behaviours mentally, such as to jump up and touch a red ball, the dolphin will do so without whistles and hand signals. And the dolphin will be happy to receive love as a reward instead of a dead fish.

How do dolphins help people heal?
There is much debate about this question, and no one has substantial evidence, however from my observation over 20 years I would say that the greatest change happens when dolphins echo locate, or send sonar towards the person. From my research it appears to me that the echolocation, the sonar, is what creates a healing effect within the human body and mind and heart. The greatest amount of change that I’ve observed particularly in emotionally handicapped children was after greater exposure to echolocation underwater by the dolphins. I have seen people transform from primarily being self-interested and suddenly develop a sense of unity within a group once they are exposed to sonar.
I have read accounts in which dolphins were able to sense that a healing was being given to a human at the far end of the pool or even in open waters, and started vocalizing intensely during the healing sessions which were only being administered on an energetic level. In other words there was no external sign that the dolphins could pick up on, that would let the dolphin know that something special was going on, because the healing was happening in silence and motionless. But the dolphins seem to participate by producing a higher sonar output.

Please share with us some examples:
One of the prime experiences I had was with emotionally or mentally handicapped children in the ages between 6 and 14 years old, during a time period of two years.
One example that stands out is of a girl that was not able to speak and I was forewarned by her teachers who accompanied her on this trip not to ask too many questions within a group setting as she would only be able to shake her head yes or no.

After the one week of swimming with the dolphins this girl actually spoke and hugged children and adults alike, something which she had never done before.
Another girl had been so fearful/phobic and never dared to do anything on her own. After the week of swimming with the dolphins in the wild she was able to make her own sandwiches in a room that was separated from the supervising adult and participate in horse training, again on her own, away from her usual caregivers, something which was unthinkable of prior to that week of swimming with dolphins.

I have to say though that we not only swam with the dolphins in the wild with these children, but also we also worked with inner imagery to assist the healing.
It is the inner work, the imagery work, that I believe assists us to heal and raise our own frequency field into a higher capacity.

As far as effects that dolphins have on normal healthy adults, I have found that many people suddenly have an increased desire to work in harmony with their inner purpose, to follow their vision, to be more in tune with their energy body.

I imagine that the temperament of dolphins helps many people with all different life paths. From your observations, how do dolphins help beings with disabilities?
Of course it depends on which kind of disabilities we’re talking about but in the examples I just gave above I would say they tend to activate our higher subtle bodies, increasing the energy flow, the Chi-flow in the body-mind and encouraging greater influx of energy into our human body and energy-system which creates the change in us. It is possible that the sonar activates our DNA and it is already believed that our DNA is more or less functioning like an antenna system to informational fields at higher levels. By activating these antennas so that they attune themselves to information on higher levels which are whole and healthy, energy and information can filter down into the physical levels.

Do you have any suggestions for our readers about how we can lovingly use our animal companions, dolphins and others for our own healing? For beings who have disabilities?
In order to not fall into the category of being a selfish being, thereby defeating the very next step of evolution that we could possibly learn from dolphins, namely by moving beyond self-interest into compassion, I would recommend that in regards to dolphins we only seek to have contact with them in the wild.

However since dolphins seem to work multi-dimensionally a lot of people have called upon the dolphin consciousness to help create a healing. By relying on the dolphin’s inter-dimensional ability to be present and administer healing frequencies, time and space and the separation do not seem to matter as much. The Monroe Institute ( in the United States had research groups under the tutelage of Laura Monroe participate in dolphin meditations, in which a dolphin or many dolphins were imagined to come and apply sonar to particular parts of the body or the aura in order to create a healing.

In that sense we would not have to use/abuse the dolphins for our own gain, but could rise to the level to which dolphins seem to invite us: Namely to use our higher mind’s function to administer healing, and in this case through utilizing the lens of the dolphin’s consciousness creating a healing with in a human, able to disabled alike.

Please share with us about your own life experiences from the time you were a child and the turning points in your life that brought you to this point. ? What was your spiritual background growing up? Spiritual experiences?
I was born in the Himalayas, in Afghanistan, to German parents, and my mother taught me yoga, yogic breath and meditation at the age of five. By the time I was 17, I meditated daily and even as a child I was keenly aware of my love of animals and my inability to watch them being slaughtered. From approximately the age of 17 to 18, I was in a dialogue with the inner universe and through this intercommunication and feedback from the larger cosmos to myself, I was guided to the right books, the right insights and the right next step. Additionally by making wise choices such as dedicating my life to God, by dedicating my life to the practice of higher consciousness and of actually LISTENING to impulses from the inner, I was then led on the right paths.

When I watched that Orca at age 27, also called the killer whale, which actually is a black and white super large dolphin that you often times find in dolphinariums around the world performing tricks, I had to cry deeply. Possibly through my meditation training I had the ability to sense the higher potential, the massive consciousness that this Orca carried within it. From that point on I dedicated my life in part to find out what level of consciousness dolphins and cetaceans truly held within them. It is those kinds of monumental moments where when we listen to our inner guidance it will take us to the right path in life. For me dolphins took me on a wild adventure of exploration of consciousness and the multidimensional nature of the universe.

In essence dolphins reflect to me the power of consciousness interacting with a multi-dimensional universe.

How did healing first come into your life?

That question can be taken many different ways. I will take it in the sense that you wish to ask, how the power of healing, self-healing and the issues and beliefs around healing develop in my life.

As a child I was exposed to a lot of health challenges within myself and my family. My father died when I was two years old in Afghanistan of appendicitis, which was unrecognized. A few years after his death my mother developed cancer, a few years later she had a nervous breakdown when I was twelve, and in general I was sick often. My grandparents who helped raise us were extraordinarily worried about our health and the beliefs that I developed were ones of frailty in regards to health.  Eventually these frail beliefs took me on the path of self discovery and self-healing methods around the time I studies body-centered therapies in my early twenties. I still recall one of my teachers, Dr. Vernon Wolf pointing out my limiting beliefs around health. I had plenty of facts to back up my belief, but eventually I realized that the power to heal is innate in us and it is up to us to clean up our negative movies within us in order to create health.

I would say that anybody who develops a higher level of sensitivity towards the inner truths, towards reading the etheric, the astral, the mental and the spiritual fields, such a person will automatically becomes more attuned to information on finer dimensions. They innately will know what foods are right to eat, what type of medicine/herbs might be more/most helpful, and they will eventually find the power of their own thoughts to be the healer.

Can you name several people who have inspired you and guided you in your work and journey?
There were of course authors such as Hermann Hesse with this book Siddhartha, as well as Yogananda with this book the Autobiography of a Yogi, and the books by Eckankar, teaching the science of unified consciousness through the path of the Light and Sound.
Beyond that I am extraordinarily grateful to the teachings of Dr. Vernon Wolf who developed the system of Holodynamics, a method of transforming any frequency into its next higher in greater potential.

Do you have any messages people with different ways of being? Do you have any messages for loved ones?
It does not matter whether we are a child or an adult, able or disabled, a beginning soul on the journey of being a human, a Master or an Enlightened one, there is always a next step for each one of us. It is up to us to envision it, take that step and to become a greater expression of the Divine energy in form.
By envisioning, feeling and occupying that state of being healed or expressing that next step of our potential, we create the blueprint and we will create and manifest that very state. This will happen sooner or later, but it will happen.

We are here as humans on earth to evolve in consciousness and to lend a helping hand to those who could learn from us. To stretch out a hand asking for help from those that have gone before us.

Any additional messages you would like to share with the Karuna, people of India, and the rest of the world?
I believe that humanity at this point in our human evolution, meaning the people of this era of the last 30,000 years, is coming to a point when we will merge a high-level functioning left brain with a high-level functioning right brain, in order to become truly conscious in our multi-dimensional way of being.
India and Asia were long the leaders of higher consciousness for thousands of years, whereas the West has excelled in the training of the left brain, rational thinking in the last 500 years. Currently we find an increasing exchange between East and West, and merging the physical with the metaphysical. But individually we incarnate in various cultures on this planet and off planet and are not particularly needing to attach to being a person of the West or the East or to being human for that matter. Life is large, and it offers us an immense variety of experiences.

I believe that dolphins are playing a role in that transition, in helping humans assist becoming a multi-dimensional being and calling humans to start listening to their metaphysical self. From being mostly only an ordinary human to becoming largely an extraordinary human.

Thank you Ilona again, for taking the time today to share with about how dolphins help us heal.