Is our reality a giant hologram? Scientist seem to agree!

What if life is all a BIG HOLOGRAPHIC DREAM…. even scientist seem to agree!

In this recent article, which you can read below, scientists postulate that Time-Space looks more like a holographic picture show. All seers of old, meditators worldwide throughout the ages have understood that the three-dimensional world is a reflection of the inner worlds, and therefore the three-dimensional world is called MAYA or Illusion.

It is however in our  day-to-day life, that we practically need to find a way through this Maya Maze.
In the teachings and trainings that we offer, three different but integrated approaches serve to help us interact with life more harmoniously.

FIRST: Every on of us, consciously or unconsciously, creates with every single thought, subconscious feeling, or old lifetime memory.
Therefore we need to:
A) Learn how to focus effectively to create desired outcomes
B) Practice daily maintenance of any negative energy in our system. We need to transform pains, negative thought patterns, unresolved issues etc. daily, in order to create a bright energy field around us, a radiant aura, a radiant Holographic Matrix so to speak.
C) We need to practice ascending into the finest dimensions, until we unify completely in our consciousness with the ALL THAT IS, until our consciousness radiates with the most sublime light, until it becomes a pure conduit, radiating the source energy through all dimensions, connecting  Heaven to Earth.

In 2008, the GEO 600 gravitational wave detector in Hannover, Germany, picked up an anomalous signal suggesting that space-time is pixelated. This is exactly what would be expected in a “holographic” universe, where 3D reality is actually a projection of information encoded on the two-dimensional surface of the boundary of the universe


Here with our techniques, you can interact in this giant awakening dream!

Check out our seminars in BALI called QUANTUM MATRIX HEALING in NOV of each year!

During the seminar we teach how to access the QUANTUM MATRIX, we teach how to send into the purest of consciousnesses, to dissolve negative thought patterns, belief systems, or physical energies and how to create from very sublime spaces.

It is incredibly high energy seminar is especially designed for those who wish to excel!