Bio-Identical Hormones


Which women doesn’t go through it? The MENOPAUSE?

The average age at which women are faced with some sign or another of menopause is somewhere in the 40s.

Each person in each body is different, for some women it may start with vaginal dryness, with other women it may be night sweats, foggy thinking, subtle forms of depression, weight gain etc.

As our hormone production drops, depending on our body type, nutrition and genetic predisposition, we will have more or less severe symptoms.

Bone density seems to go down, or connective tissue will start to loose its bounds, which goes also for our internal organs. All in all it is not such a great thing to lose the elasticity, sex drive, joy etc. if we wish to stay alive and vibrant.

All the more important it is to do your research early on, prior to actually entering into menopause, so you don’t have to panic but rather get inspired by the many great testimonials that women before you have given about using Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapies.
AND, it is never too late!

Here is a very useful website and I URGE you to look at it:

“Forever Health connects patients with doctors who can help them with Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) . Thanks to BHRT, I enjoy robust health, balanced hormones, strong bones, and the energy of someone half my age. So naturally, I am proud to be affiliated with Forever Health.”

I also would recommend reading any of Susan Somers books which you can find at or her website: