Year End Greetings from Ilona

Pictures from our last QUANTUM MATRIX HEALING seminar November 2011 in Bali at

Dear Friends around the World!

at the end of the year I always love to hear (even via round-letters) of my friends, and so I love to do the same, at least once a year, wishing you a beautiful winter time, solstice and a Happy New Year! May this coming year 2012 be magnificent.

Being bathed in the light of the warm tropical sun here in Bali,getting nearly daily massages, yesterday having dolphins swim by our restaurant by the ocean, where we get to sit in warm evenings,  of course we feel differently than when we were in cooler climates, like most of you are. You are possibly even surrounded by snow.
However there is something special about long, dark nights, candlelight, and the deeper feelings that lean on melancholy. Winter produce a different character within ourselves. And I can only draw upon my memory for that.
I hope that if you are surrounded by winter, that it may gift you with the depth of feeling that it can provide.

But when thinking of my last year, what stands out the most in my life, and is actually most satisfying in reviewing the last year, are my inner-dimensional MERGINGS with the divine as well as the merging/meeting with the high soul awareness of other being’s consciousness, and the intimate moments of love.

To me, and I believe deep down that is true for everyone, but it may be described differently by each person, is that all the real satisfaction in our life rests upon the fundamental ability to somehow feel the union with the One, the Universe, the Cosmos, God, or whatever we might want to call it. The deeper, the more satisfied. That is what comes to me when thinking about what stood out this year. The moments of rapture, the moments of being in bliss.

Of course I loved swimming with the dolphins too in Florida this summer, like every summer.

Actually, along those lines, and in a way very similar, one of the things, that I have loved doing this year, was expanding the ability to virtually connect with high vibrating souls in groups.
I started an online chat group the QUANTUM WAVE with German seminar participants, meeting together almost weekly. Although that may sound like work, but it was a wonderful experience this last year.
We met via the chat box of that group on Facebook, (can you believe it?..well I am just getting started…and still does not work with the super slow bandwidth here in Bali, WELCOME to ASIA!)
Anynow….. we were meeting via our Chatbox, sharing inter-dimensional exercises in silence first and then sharing feedback via our chat group box about what we experienced during and after our experiments. This really trained our perceptions, and gave us a lot of stimulus to practice conscious presence daily throughout the week.
IT trains us to be more wavelike in our perception, gives us a sense of group support, which inspires us daily to be more active in our multi-dimensional outreach, and well, it makes us more dolphin-like as we actually use our multi-dimensionalness more.

Connecting like this, even during the week allowed us to feel connected to a larger network of like-minded people, experiencing an energetic connectedness, and a sense of having a VIRTUAL, but real community of beings caring for one another.
I believe that in the future this form of VIRTUAL COMMUNITY will be emotionally most sustaining as we become more multi-dimensionally awake. I say that, as I hear from a lot of people that they lack the kind of friends at their level in their own physical environment.

The one activity that most everybody absolutely loved in that group, was BLESSING EVERYTHING.
Just blessing the place where we sit, blessing anything and everything that comes our way, positive environments, negative environments, people, projects, whatever,…. allows us to enter into an ever more shining environments of higher vibration, and creates amazingly miraculous results.
And feeling like that there is a peer group sharing the same exercises each week made a huge difference to everyone. IT is a beautiful activity that anyone can do anywhere. It redirect our thoughts and leads us to where we want to go.

Mostly all what I feel and do is on the basis of Don and I working like the stars and the sky together, as one. Don and I are in absolute gratitude for having been able to share our life together.  I can say TRUE LOVE IS GRACE. I believe if our human love is actually the celebration of the divine love and the expression thereof, if our relationship is for the purpose of the divine to become manifest, then we feel the most fulfilled. Of course it takes attention, but it is magical.

The year certainly was full with things we did as well, things we got done and created, besides all the sharing with all the many guests, amazing visitors, and participants, running our retreat center, the SPA in UBUD, all in all 33 + employees, etc. etc.
Bali is about being social for us. The stars here support connections, not so much my hermit self.

Like I said, nevertheless we got things done this year as well. I just finished the Online version of my children’s book, and we also just released two CDs: TIBETANA and MANTRAS of SHANGRILA , which you can find on our website:
Just click on each title separately,…and you can find a beautiful sample track of each CD.

And then there was the continued work of expanding the reach of the SE-5 across the planet, having training materials, programs etc, in many languages, coming up with new training seminars such as the Quantum Matrix Healing Seminar,

I love it all, but I think for me what counts the most, are the moments I take time to refine my inner perceptions of the divine, and share that with Don and others.

OK there is one AMAZING thing I have discovered, that I have to share with you: FACIAL EXERCISE
Anyone near 50 should definitely be doing this! It makes you look better, and feel better!!!!

Yes, we did sell our house in Hawaii, we still have people ask us, and of course we still miss our times in Hawaii! I am so absolutely grateful in retrospect for all my experiences we had in Hawaii, and all the beings that I have shared with there, in most exquisite states of consciousness there.
Bali now is like on another level for us, a huge expansion from where we were then, but I still carry much of what evolved in me in Hawaii with me here.

Here is a banner of photos that show you the rainbow Bridge between Hawaii and Bali:
Lilia, a dancer and choreographer, used to teach the DOLPHIN DANCE at our seminars at KALANI HONUA, which we taught regularly in Hawaii.
Just last month she happened to stay close by our ShangriLa retreat center, and when she came by  our Cafe by the beach, she noticed my books at the reception. SO we reunited again and had a ball and a flurry of creative expression after we got together again. Throw into the mix and amazing photographer from Norway by the name of Robert Sanners, and out comes some creative artwork between the three of us.
THIS is the result of the Hawaii-Bali Rainbow Bridge!

Even though not everybody can come here, I love and still remember all the most amazing souls that we met along the way in Hawaii, and whether you know it or not, stories, the moments, the experiences we shared, they all still live within me. They all colored me and made me the person that I am today.
I want to thank you from the depth of my heart for having shared your most amazing inner self with me.

However, there is also some more solemn news I want to write about. There is a part of me that wishes to warn everybody in the US of the forthcoming what looks like to me militarization and possible dictatorship. Please don’t tell me that I’m drawing up a dark picture, just have a look at what is unfolding. We have been trying to tell people about this since 1986, we have outlined the steps the government would take, which now has come true step by step. Yet nobody wanted to listen, nobody really wanted to change. We had even outlined steps of how to make changes, and very few made those.

I do really feel that the boiling frog technique of slowly warming up the water until the water comes to a boil and yet the frog never jumps out, is working perfectly in the US.
I’m not sure if everybody noticed that this last week even the president did not veto the bill that had already passed the House, that has practically eliminated the Habeas Corpus for all US Citizens, their right for legal defense.

On the brighter side, however, we create Heaven on Earth wherever we are.

With that I wish us all that we have a great fantastic 2012, and who knows, after all maybe the Earth Changes may come to the rescue.
By the way, it has dawned on me, that some of the laws would be very helpful to have in case of huge unrest due to Earth calamities.

In April of 2007 I was told by a scientist in my dream that there will be huge Earth changes in 2012. During the dream on the same night that scientist foretold accurately an event for the 4 February 2008: The mass food poisoning in America. That did already happen. Let’s just hope that the scientist in my dream was wrong as far as the Earth calamities were concerned.

And then: All we have this the NOW. And NOW is the only true moment of existence, and we can spend it any which way we would like.
Let’s remember to bless everything that surrounds us every moment, and we will wind up in exactly such a blessed place all the time, wherever that may be.

With love from Bali, Namaste!

Yours Ilona