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My name is Ilona Selke,(www.ilonaselke.com and www.bali-shangrila.com)author, musician and international seminar teacher in the area of personal growth and spirituality, and owner of thes piritual retreat center called Shangri-La, on the North Shore of Bali.

In seminars and many private sessions and conversations I have found that t here is a riches in sexuality and intimacy, that is available to aging men and women, and yet the material in the media about sexuality past menopause is sparse, usually only relates to the physical aspects,and it does not take into account that baby boomers expect to be youthful forever.

Faced with facts and fictions, myths and hopes I would like to gather honest sharing, challenges, workarounds and inspiring solutions for allof us who wish to experience an increased ability in sharing our core essence.

This questionnaire is designed to help gather and then share information about how sexuality is evolving at this day and age for women over theage of 50.

Please do indicate your gender in this questionnaire as I will also give this to some men in this age bracket.

More and more baby boomers are coming of age, baby boomers who grew up in an era that idealized youth, and is trying to stretch the envelope.

Myths abound as to how sexuality should be between women and men, even in their golden years.

As the baby boomers were a formidable youthful force, that shaped the beliefs of our current culture, a post war youth that revolutionized sexuality, that made Tantra a household word, (at least in a certain quadrant of our culture) and a group that is attempting to extend its youthfulness into the ripe old age, we need now more than ever for the baby boomers to show and tell how it is to grow older, and how it i s affecting our sexuality, what is still possible, what may not be as feasible, what the powerful lessons of an open-minded sexuality has brought us, and what wisdom we can impart on those that are coming behind us.

It’s time we did a reality check, and shared our wisdom between us and for generations behind us. This may well be the first generation that has dared to speak about sexuality past its prime, openly and honestly.

I would love to invite you to share as openly and honestly a sis possible, how sexuality is for you. Now, what intimacy means at this stage in your life, what is the most fulfilling to you, and give tips,hints, or honest sharing, that could help the many other women and men,who are also entering their golden years.