I took a quick breath of air and dove gently below the surface of the turquoise, warm water, here in Key West Florida. We were in the middle of the sea, however the sandy bottom was just two meters below me, shining brightly and comfortingly.


A dolphin had broken off from a small pod of dolphins and was circling around me. It was breathtaking feeling his eye fixed on mine. Awkwardly I tried to stand upright in the water trying something out that Don had experienced with a dolphin the day before.
Don, my husband, whom a number of people know from my other two books about dolphins, had had a tremendous experience with a dolphin the previous day. As a dolphin swam towards Don, the dolphin had oddly placed himself vertically in the water, seemingly mimicking humans, who often prefer to stick their head of out the water.

Don immediately copied him, stood upright, and bent his arms at the elbows in such a way, as to look like he had fins. Don waved with his pretend-flukes to the dolphin and the unimaginable happened: The dolphin waved back with his fin in just the same way. It was a picture perfect moment. Even more amazingly was that they waved their interspecies signal back and forth a number of times.
Neither Don, nor I, have ever experienced this behavior in our almost 1000 hours of swimming with wild dolphins.
It almost looked like a comedy: The dolphin and the man who stood under water, no less upright, giving each other a sign that they understood each other.
This experience was so extraordinary that I wanted to try it the next afternoon, when I went to swim with wild dolphins with my group.


As a dolphin swam towards me, I positioned myself just as Don had done: I stood upright in the water, angled my arms, waved with my pretend-flukes, and waited.

Nothing! No communication! Absolutely nothing!
Soon however, there was a second chance. A dolphin came up to me and again I stood upright under water, angled my arms and waved a dolphin-wave.

I almost choked when the dolphin copied my body posture and also stood upright in front of me and lo-and-behold he waved to me with his flukes as well.


It reminded me of the movie ET, the communication between two similarly intelligent specimens, who did not speak the same language.


Mind you, this gesture was a conscious voluntary, untrained gesture on the part of the dolphin in the wild, and not a trained show-trick.
I had already done a lot of creative experiments to crack the the communication code between humans and dolphins. The intelligence of dolphins is often praised, but all too often the dolphin is thought of to be a trainable, intelligent animal, which is used to amuse humans in water parks.
I wanted to change that. I have experimented and written about the power of telepathy between dolphins and humans with concrete experiments.

I wanted to show how intelligent dolphins actually are, and thus I wished to inspire humans to give a “sentient being” status to the dolphins and possibly even learn from them.

Many of these telepathic experiences, which I describe in my books, are embedded in stories describing the holographic nature of the universe, and how our life is a reflection of our inner world.


Whether it was with handicapped children, who pre-visualized how they wanted to swim with “their” dolphin, or whether it was adults, who had fulfilled a lifelong dream to swim with dolphins, most people recognize the amazing relationship between our thoughts and visions.
Through telepathy and the language of our heart and soul we can bridge the apparent separation between humans, humans and animal, even nations, and even across distances.

We can experience that which unites us. We can feel connected beyond time and space, beyond the ordinary object-subject separation that 3-D reality brings with it.

This transcendence of our separations is our evolutionary step. It is our future!
Posted by Ilona Selke

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