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HAPPINESS: What makes us really happyDecember 12, 2016


Dear Reader

Today I was driving down the streets here in Bali, and noticed the smells of the flowers, the trees I passed, the chicken that was running across the street on my way to my favorite restaurant THE KAFE here in Ubud.

I really felt happy smelling the flowers, the incensce watting by, and seeing the simple things like the flowers on the tree the sunshine, the reflection in the water of the rice fields that had just been planted, and the chicken running around freely.

It reminded me of the song that I heard when I was a teenager by the song maker UDO JUERGENS. All the things that really count you do not get with money. There are friends, dreams, in the nighttime the sound of the trees in the wind, all that which really counts in life you cannot buy with money.

Of course it rhymed a lot better in German, and it really resonated with my young heart that looked at the adult world pursuing work and jobs, money and careers as if they really mattered.

Here living in Bali I realized that the women and the men carry their head high because they feel loved by their mothers and fathers, grandparents and uncles and aunts. All of them adore the little children and give them the most fundamental feeling of security which comes through having a body to hug, and love that protects and cares.

No amount of toys, no degree of intellectual fortitude that they could purchase by paying a tutor, nothing absolutely nothing could make up for that sense of self-esteem thata human develops when they feel absolutely loved from the moment they are conceived.

Here in Bali children are considered a blessing, and an absolute necessity. Who else will take care of you in your older age? And only if you've been wonderfully nice to your own child will your child want to return that love to you someday when you need it.

And you know what, the Dalai Lama says that Happiness comes from sharing compassion, from having concerns for others and being of service to them.

Actually in the Living From Vision course we teach that living your purpose, and contributing to the world around you, is part of what makes you happy.

And the HIARCHY OF NEEDS by MASLOW tells us that we all need to have serveral levels of our self fulfilled, like our physical needs, survival, and relations. And next we become creative and then express our purpose and seek self expression and lastly self transcendence

What a great concept!

Bali people love, smile, and appreciate life as is, not measured by the amounts of rupiah in their pocket but by their connection to God and family.

Driving to my favorite restaurants today I smelled flowers, saw the light reflecting in the water of the rice fields and felt alive. Aliveness is a precious gift!

And then I happened upon this study that I wanted to share with you today:

Happiness depends on health and friends, not money, says new study LINK to the article CLICK HERE

Also have a look at the TED TALK at the end of this BLOG.

 And I would like to add one more thing:

HAPPINESS depends also on the feeling that we are in the DRIVER'S SEAT of our life. All too often we feel at the beck and call of other people's needs, requirements, and commitments and many people feel that their personal needs and dreams don't get much attention nor fulfillment.

Happiness actually comes from listening to your inner self, giving yourself time to be, to be with yourself, and to listen to the whispers of your heart and soul.

It comes from taking your whispers seriously, and then making this whisper a declaration to the universe, letting the universe know what you REALLY want. The Living from Vision course helps you find that inner voice, make sure you give your inner self attention every day, and helps you to MANIFEST your dreams step-by-step.

Many if not most peole dream to find love, family, wanting to manifest the right livelihood, discover and live their purpose in life, have the kind of home they want to live in, make the kind of income they wish to make, and enjoy health and a brilliant old age.

All of these wishes and dearms are important, and we do feel happy when we fulfill our innermost dreams. But all too often they slide away in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Take a vacation for your soul, dive into yourself and discover how your life would turn out if you were LIVING FROM YOUR VISION.

Have a look at http://www.livingfromvision.com and get YOUR free e-book copy of LIVING IN A HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE and get started today.

Also here is a great TED TALK on HAPPINESS:


I am looking forward to assisting you in this process.

Warmly yours Ilona Selke

The POWER of CHOICEMay 14, 2015


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